Me looking much more carefree before becoming a mum!

So who’s behind Chilli, Sage and Lemon?

I’m Jess – a Scottish girl in my late twenties living in Glasgow with my handsome husband Dave, cheeky toddler Eli, a ginger cat called Basil and three chickens (Agnes, Betty and Martha).

Dave and I with our gorgeous wee boy Eli, who’s nearly two.

This blog started years ago – I love cooking and writing so the idea of starting a cooking blog had been playing on my mind for a while. But I was never really sure what direction I wanted to take until taking part in the Money Saving Expert forums’ Grocery Challenge for a few months. In my first six months as a member of the challenge, I reduced our average monthly grocery spend from £300+ to around £185; all while providing more meals (Dave used to get fed at work a lot), starting to eat meat again after 4 and a half years as a vegetarian and sticking to certain ethical and health standards.

After realising just how much money and food we wasted before I began tracking what I was spending, I decided that I really wanted to start a blog that would be a resource of cheap (and healthy) recipes and money saving tips, while also keeping me accountable as I continue to track my own spending.  Dave hasn’t always been quite on board with the money saving – but with a wedding to save for, our motivation was running pretty high.

So what’s next for Chilli Sage and Lemon?

wedding 182

The blog was originally created to help us save for our wedding – I can’t believe it was 3.5 years ago now!

I took a break from posting for around two years while I was pregnant, moving house and caring for a young baby, but I really missed posting here. I realised that, while cooking and frugality were still really important to me, I wanted to widen the scope of the blog so now I’m including some content on parenting, simplicity, vegetable gardening, general frugality, minimalism, eco-friendly living and of course still including lots of recipes and mealplans.

If you’re feeding young children, you may be interesting in my other blog and website Baby Led Bites which looks at baby led weaning and feeding toddlers.


So wish us luck and remember, you can also follow along on Twitter using @chillisagelemon or at Facebook (www.facebook.com/chillisageandlemon).


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Liz

    Thank you for stopping by my favourite pastime and for following it. What a good reason for starting a blog. I look forward to getting some money saving tips from you, and learning some healthy recipes from your blog. Have a pleasant weekend!


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