So who’s behind Chilli, Sage and Lemon?

I’m Jess – a Scottish girl in my mid-twenties living in Glasgow with my chubby ginger cat and handsome husband Dave.

I love cooking and writing so the idea of starting a cooking blog had been playing on my mind for a while. But I was never really sure what direction I wanted to take until taking part in the Money Saving Expert forums’ Grocery Challenge for a few months. In my first six months as a member of the challenge, I reduced our average monthly grocery spend from £300+ to around £185; all while providing more meals (Dave used to get fed at work a lot), starting to eat meat again after 4 and a half years as a vegetarian and sticking to certain ethical and health standards.

After realising just how much money and food we wasted before I began tracking what I was spending, I decided that I really wanted to start a blog that would be a resource of cheap (and healthy) recipes and money saving tips, while also keeping me accountable as I continue to track my own spending.  Dave hasn’t always been quite on board with the money saving – but with a wedding to save for, our motivation was running pretty high.

So what’s next for Chilli Sage and Lemon?

wedding 182

The wedding’s all over (and what a fabulous day it was!  Worth every penny saved up and more), so where do we go from now?

I plan on continuing the money-saving, cooking-from-scratch journey – the next challenge is hopefully buying our very own house this year!  Maybe I’ll even get a bigger kitchen 😉

So wish us luck and remember, you can also follow along on Twitter using @chillisagelemon or at Facebook (www.facebook.com/chillisageandlemon).


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Liz

    Thank you for stopping by my favourite pastime and for following it. What a good reason for starting a blog. I look forward to getting some money saving tips from you, and learning some healthy recipes from your blog. Have a pleasant weekend!


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