Mealplan 20/07

Back from a lovely but brief weekend away in Argyll, where, after staying with Dave’s mum on Friday night, we attended a wedding on the beach – in fact standing barefoot in the sea in the pouring rain – a really unique and lovely day 🙂

I’ve not been keeping an exact record of spends this month – though looking at my bank statements shows that we have been more or less in budget – so I’ll not bother adding up the spending updates until next month’s budget comes in. Here’s this week’s mealplan and what I bought though:



Sun 20 – macaroni cheese with broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes
Mon 21 – sweet potato, onion and cheese frittata with salad
Tues 22 – breaded cod, homemade chips, peas and broccoli
Wed 23 – turkey meatballs with a tomato sauce, rice and veg
Thurs 24 – chicken and spaghetti in a puttanesca sauce
Fri 25 – pork and apple burgers with corn on the cob and salad
Sat 26 – chickpea and cauliflower curry with rice

What I bought (£28.74)

I spent £27.74 in Morrisons today and a further £1 in my local Tesco garage (because I didn’t realise I was out of pasta when I did the shopping and didn’t really want mac and cheese made with spaghetti).

Fruit & veg £9.84
Courgettes x3 50p
Savers frozen peas 900g 89p
Frozen broad beans 500g £1
Cauliflower 99p
Broccoli 49p
Salad tomatoes x6 50p
Cucumber 49p
Frozen summer fruit £2
Peaches x4 50p
Savers apples x7 89p
Bananas x5 60p
Salad leaves 99p

Meat & fish £5
Minced pork 1.05kg £5

Dairy & eggs £5.34
Cheddar 350g x2 £3.50
Meadow park whole milk 2ltr 84p
Free range eggs x6 £1

Bread 25p
RTC white pittas 25p

General £6.79
Basmati rice 1kg £1.49
Pasta 500g £1
Tuna in brine x4 £3.49
Oatcakes 81p

Household £1.52
Savers washing up cloths 3pk 45p
Savers washing up liquid 34p
Savers food bags 73p

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