Mealplan and Spending Update 26/05

mealplanning This is a day late because we were up in Aberdeen this weekend, visiting my grandparents and having a night out with some friends too. We had a lovely time and didn’t need to do the shopping until today. As with last month, I decided to try and stock up on the heaviest things in my delivery now, hopefully meaning I won’t need another delivery for the next few weeks.  I didn’t stock up quite as much as last month though – it was a bit tight getting the shopping the rest of the month when I’d spent so much upfront.


Mon 26 – beef goulash soup with dumplings and cabbage Tues 27 – roasted veg arrabiata Wed 28 – tofu and vegetable noodles Thurs 29 – breaded cod with chips and veg Fri 30 – chorizo and bean casserole with potatoes Sat 31 – chickpea and squash tagine with couscous

Spending (£78.41 / £180)

delivery charge £4

fruit & veg £14.90
cauliflower £1
savoy cabbage £1
beansprouts 60p
frozen corn on the cobs 875g £1.50
e'day value frozen sweetcorn 907g 99p
lemons x4 £1
limes x4 £1
bananas x6 75p
cucumber 49p
fresh coriander 80p
salad potatoes 2.5kg £1.50
e'day value carrots 1.5kg 89p
e'day value onions 1kg 63p
butternut squash £1
e'day value peppers £1.75

meat & fish £14.23
bacon 8 rashers x2 £4
beef brisket £8.23
finest chorizo ring 225g £2

dairy & eggs £2
whole milk 4 pints £1
free range eggs 6pk £1

general £29.51
tofu 396g £1.60
balsamic vinegar £1.50
granulated sugar 1kg 79p
e'day value spaghetti 20p
e'day value plain flour 45p
e'day value porridge oats 75p
e'day value penne 29p
tinned tuna 4pk £3.99
east end yellow split peas 500g 53p
e'day value golden syrup £1.18
e'day value tinned mandarins x2 70p
east end chopped tomatoes x8 £2
pistachio kernals 100g £1.64
blue dragon egg noodles £1.39
aasani cashews 750g £6.50
e'day value tomato puree 40p
e'day value passata 43p
e'day value tinned pineapple x2 72p
cola x10 £4.45

household £13.77
e'day value kitchen roll 2pk £1.18
e'day value cat litter x3 £4.65
cif floor cleaner £1
lynx shower gel £1.50
enrituals laundry liquid £1
pomegranate shower gel 95p
whiskas wet food pouches £3.49

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