Mealplan and Spending Update 18/05


You know those weeks – the last one before payday when you seem to have had a month full of bills?  That’s what this week is like.  The remainder of our budget was so low that I pretty much had to stick to things we already had in for the mealplan.  Luckily we’re away visiting my grandparents this weekend so only had to plan five meals!  You’ll notice that we’ve gone over by 19p – I’m counting that as a win though 🙂

Given all that, I thought I’d do a bit more of a detailed run-through of the mealplanning process this week to show you what to do in a really skint week:


So how did I decide what to have? First of all, I have a bit of a ‘framework’ in place when I’m mealplanning – meat twice a week, fish once, and the remainder veggie (sometimes we have meals like pizza where I’ll have a veggie option and Dave’ll have meat on his).  I also try and vary the carbs so we don’t end up eating pasta three times in a row.

Sun 18 – honey & lemon chicken wings with couscous, coleslaw and salad

We’d collected 12 wing pieces in the freezer, from the last few whole chickens I’d bought. Normally I’d serve with wedges but we didn’t have any potatoes, so I went for couscous instead.  We actually had almost all of the ingredients for this meal in so all I had to buy was mayo.

Mon 19 – veggie fajitas

I wanted something to use the rest of the wraps I’d be making for the dhal, and we had cheese, veg, salsa ingredients and jalapenos in already.  Only needed to buy yoghurt.

Tues 20 – smoked mackerel fillets with rice, green beans and cabbage

We had a few different fish choices in the freezer but I just felt like the mackerel.  Ever since our honeymoon in Japan, we like fish served with short-grain rice and veg.

Wed 21 – lentil dhal, rice and wraps

This is a total store-cupboard meal.  I have red lentils, spices, onions, frozen spinach tomatoes and rice, and have made a batch of wraps.  Will serve with some of the yoghurt I bought.

Thurs 22 – spag bol and salad (if there’s any left)

Beyond a bit of bacon, the only other meat in the freezer was a small block of mince, so spag bol was an easy choice.  All I had to buy was mushrooms.

Fri 23 & Sat 24 – away both nights

Breakfasts – bran flakes for Dave and either bran flakes or porridge with banana for me

I had to pick up some bran flakes, as we didn’t have enough, plus bananas and milk

Lunches – tuna or ham sandwiches or pittas for Dave, with tinned fruit and maybe crisps; soup with seeded bread for me, with an apple

Had to get mayo, which I needed for the coleslaw anyway, plus an extra tin of pineapple and apples; I made bread myself and had soup and ham in the freezer and tuna in the cupboard

Spending (£180.19 / £180)

Meadow Park whole milk 2ltr 84p
Morrisons cola x2 90p
Savers bran flakes 88p
Savers tinned pineapple 25p
Savers mayonnaise 40p
Whiskas wet food pouches 12pk £2.50
Bananas x6 63p
Frozen sliced green beans 1kg £1
Pumpkin seeds 100g 75p
Savers apples 8pk 89p
Savers scourers 5pk 19p
Mushrooms 89p
Savers natural yoghurt 45p
Salad leaves 99p

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