This week seems to have flown by though I’m not sure why I’ve been so busy!  Can’t believe it’s Sunday night already.  I’ve kept the mealplan quite simple this week because we’re low on budget and I wanted to use things we already had in (the freezer seems fit to burst right now too for some reason).

Dave’s away this weekend so there’s just five meals to plan for the two of us.  I might go and visit family one night while he’s away, or else will just cobble something together out of leftovers, so only six meals to plan overall.


Sun 11 – beef & mushroom stew with dumplings, mash, carrots and spinach

Mon 12 – hummus, homemade pittas and salads

Tues 13 – veggie pasties with home baked beans and chips

Wed 14 – smoked salmon fillets with couscous & roasted veg salad

Thurs 15 – pork & veg stirfry with sticky rice

Fri 16 – fishcakes and salad (just for me)

Sat 17 – not sure if I’ll be in – leftovers if so

Spending Update (£168.63 / £180)

Fruit & veg £7.47
Lemons 5pk 99p
Peppers 4pk £1.39
Salad leaves x2 £1.98
RTC courgettes 3pk 75p
Bananas x6 62p
Garlic 4pk 99p
Baking potatoes x2 75p

Meat & fish £5.58
RTC breaded cod 2pk £1
RTC smoked mackerel 250g 90p
RTC smoked salmon fillets 2pk £2
RTC duck and orange pate x2 18p
RTC smoked haddock x2 £1.50

Dairy & eggs £2.38
Meadow park milk 2ltr 84p
Baking fat 55p
Savers butter 99p

General £6.63
Cola x4 £1.80
Tomato puree 49p
Princes tuna x2 £2
McCoys crisps 6pk £1
Fast action yeast 64p
Savers tinned peaches x2 70p

Household £2.50
Whiskas wet food pouches 12pk £2.50

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