What I Ate Wednesday 07/5

What I Ate Wednesday is a blog link-up hosted over at Peas & Crayons, encouraging bloggers to post pictures of what they ate over a whole day.  Hopefully taking part will show you guys whether or not I stick to the mealplan and give a bit more insight into what I can eat on my budget.


Was off work with the bank holiday on Monday so my eats were a wee bit different than normal – I tend to eat at different times and maybe snack a bit more than normal on days off.

10am – Breakfast


Summer fruit and banana milkshake made with half a pint of whole milk, a banana and 80g frozen mixed summer fruits.  Bonus peek of a furry face in this picture too 😉

2.00pm – Lunch



Small bowl of homemade lentil & coconut soup (made with red lentils, onion, carrots, coconut milkhomemade chicken stock, ghee, garlic, frozen spinach and Madras curry powder) served with cream crackersbutter and mature cheddar.

Accompanied by a bottle of apple juice (Dave had lunch out and brought me the apple juice from his meal deal, awww)



5.00pm – Snack


Cup of Brewhaha rose tea* with a homemade chocolate “hobnob”-type biscuit (self-raising flour, oatssugarbaking fatmaple syrupbaking powder, topped with plain chocolate)

7.30pm – Dinner


Slightly random but oddly delicious dinner tonight:

  • peppered smoked mackerel
  • homemade coleslaw (red cabbagecarrot, mayonnaise)
  • cooked asparagus
  • and sticky short-grain rice

*Disclaimer: the rose tea was not a freebie (sadly) and I just mentioned it cos I like it a lot (well, it was a gift, but not from Brewhaha, they don’t know who I am!).  I wouldn’t object if anyone does want to send me free rose tea though… 😉


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