Mealplan & Spending Update 05/05


I know I’m a day late for this post but since it’s a bank holiday today I snuck off to the pub last night with some friends instead of writing it.  Don’t worry, it was an extremely cheap night out – I didn’t drink any alcohol (!) so only had to pay a tenner for the taxi home 🙂 I’d never normally go to a pub without drinking anything but have to say my head is thanking me for it this morning  and hopefully it means I’ll have the motivation to get out for my first run in a couple of weeks later.


Sun 04 – beef & mushroom pie with potatoes, carrots & broccoli

Mon 05 – smoked mackerel with sticky rice, veg and coleslaw

Tues 06 – chicken & mushroom gnocchi with asparagus

Wed 07 – baked potatoes, beans, cheese and coleslaw

Thurs 08 – pesto pasta with roasted veg & pine nuts

Fri 09 – I’m working, Dave’s having leftover curry from the freezer

Sat 10 homemade pizzas with salad

Spending Update (£144.07 / £185)

Fruit & veg £14.61
Four leaf salad x2 £1.98
Bananas x6 74p
Mushrooms 600g £1.79
Red cabbage 55p
Frozen summer fruit mix 500g £2
Asparagus 250g x2 £3
Courgette 38p
Peppers 5pk £1.59
Watermelon portion £1.49
Onions 1.5kg £1.09

Meat & fish £10.04
Brisket joint 1kg £8.32
Smoked mackerel 250g £2.08

Dairy & eggs £5.52
Meadow park whole milk 2ltr x2 £1.68
Savers parmesan £2.30
Savers mozzarella 55p
Savers butter 99p

General £3.43
Savers bran flakes 88p
Savers tinned peaches x2 70p
Walnut halves 200g £1.85

Household £2.66
Savers food bags 73p
Savers dishwashing cloths 45p
Bloo toilet cleaning blocks 2pk £1
Hair gel 48p

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