What I Ate Wednesday 30/04

What I Ate Wednesday is a blog link-up hosted over at Peas & Crayons, encouraging bloggers to post pictures of what they ate over a whole day.  Hopefully taking part will show you guys whether or not I stick to the mealplan and give a bit more insight into what I can eat on my budget.


photo (13)

I ate breakfast at home today, and had bran flakes with banana and whole milk for a change.


Usual snack of tinned fruit pieces – pineapple this time.

photo (12)


photo (14)

Lunch today was lentil and veg soup (made with homemade ham stock, a little bit of ham dripping, onions, carrots, swede, peas and red lentils) with some homemade brown bread.


I don’t usually snack in the afternoon but my colleague had brought in some homemade caramel shortbread so it seem rude to refuse 😉

photo (11)


lentil stew

Dinner was:

  • Lentil stew (green-brown lentils with carrot, sweet potato, onions, veg stock, tomato puree, smoked paprika, various herbs) – yes, I realise I had a lot of lentils today!
  • Herby suet dumplings (veg suet, flour, salt, dried herbs)
  • Frozen green beans on the side

Well that was Monday’s food – I’ll try and remember to take part next week too, and to vary the diet a bit more.  Can you tell I like lentils?!


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