Mealplan and Spending Update 27/04


OK, confession time – I totally lost track at the end of the April budget, hence why I’ve been staying away.  Ooops.  But I’ve had an estimate in my head and am pretty sure I only came around £5 or £10 over.  Still not good though.

I’ve upped the budget to £180 this month party because we’re overdue a massive stock-up and since the cat’s moved to wet food from dried (the dried has unfortunately started making her throw up) we spend a lot more on cat food.  Did a massive Tesco shop which was delivered today to fill some gaps in the cupboard so hoping to just do small shops of £20 or so for the next three weeks, just to fill up on fruit, veg, milk and meat.


Sun 27 – Peri-peri chicken & peppers (from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals but made with chicken breasts rather than thighs) with new potatoes and salad

Mon 28 – Puy lentil & veg stew with dumplings

Tues 29 – mac and cheese with broccoli and salad

Wed 30  – tuna & veg kebabs with salad and couscous

Thurs 1 – tomato & red pepper tart with new potatoes and salad

Fri 2 – veggie curry with rice and naans

Sat 3 – chicken and rice burritoes

Spending Update £107.81/£180

Fruit & veg
Broccoli 85p
Fresh & Naked mixed little leaves x2 £1
Baby button mushrooms 200g £1
Frozen spinach 1kg £1.50
Frozen raspberries 350g £2
E'day Value frozen peas 1kg 89p
Bananas x6 89p
Limes x4 £1
Sweet potato 42p
Birds eye chillies 90p
Salad potatoes 2.5kg £1.50
Basil pot £1.25
E'day Value carrots 1.5kg 89p
E'day Value peppers 900g £1.75

Meat & fish
Finest free range chicken 1.85kg £9.47
Tuna steak £3.52

Brown bread flour 1.5kg x2 £1.70
Tinned pears x2 £1
Tesco instant coffee 200g £1.95
Napolina Extra virgin olive oil 1ltr £4
Granulated sugar 1kg 79p
E'day Value spaghetti 500g 20p
E'day Value baked beans x2 48p
E'day Value penne 500g 29p
Lentilles vertes 500g £1.09
E'day value clear honey 99p
E'day Value chopped tomatoes x6 £2.04
E'day value kidney beans x2 60p
E'day Value basmati rice 1kg £1.40
E'day Value sultanas 500g 84p
E'day Value gravy granules 20p
E'day Value tinned mandarins 27p
E'day Value table salt 1kg 25p
Wholewheat couscous 1kg £1.35
McCoys crisps 6pk x2 £2
Pride coconut milk x2 £1.90
Indus red split lentils 2kg £2.99
Indus chickpeas 2kg £2.99
E'day Value mild chilli powder 85p
E'day Value oregano 85p
Tinned mango x2 £1.50
Tuna flakes x2 98p
Tinned pineapple x2 72p

Tesco toothpaste 40p
E'day value kitchen roll £1.18
E'day Value cling film 60p
E'day Value bio washing liquid £1.50
Whiskas pouches in jelly x4 £10
E'day Value cat litter x4 £6.20
Gillette razors £3.69
E'day Value washing up liquid 33p
Shower gel 70p
Shampoo & conditioner £1.60
Smartt bin bags 50pk £2.70
Tesco cola x7 £5.11

Dairy & eggs
Whole milk 4pints £1
Mature cheddar 450g x2 £5


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