Mealplan and Spending Update 08/04


Well, this is going to be a bit of a rubbish Sunday Spending post because I’ve lost a receipt!  The receipt from my ‘big shop’ on Monday no less.  Luckily I paid with my debit card so I know what I spent, and I’ve listed it below under ‘Morrisons shop’ below.

I managed to nip out to the Chinese supermarket near my work one lunchtime and pick up some cheap big bottles of soy sauce, rice vinegar, fish sauce and tamarind. I’ve not been in ages even though it’s literally a five minute walk from work! Definitely worthwhile in terms of the prices so will be going again.

Easy mealplan this week as we’re very busy, away on Friday night and meeting a few different friends and family members this week so not much free time.  Luckily the freezer is well stocked with soup, bread and things like the spag bol sauce 🙂


Sun 08 – out for dinner with family

Mon 09 – homemade burgers, chips and salad (friends round for dinner), followed by brownies

Tues 10 – spag bol with salad and garlic bread

Wed 11 – battered cod with homemade chips and veg

Thurs 12 – soup with bread, followed by apple crumble

Fri 13 – away for the night

Sat 14 – veg curry with naans

Spending Update (£107.87 / £160)

Morrisons shopping £26.70
RTC spinach 25p
RTC carrots 1kg 20p
Pittas x6 65p
Nescafe coffee £2.50
RTC cod x2 £2
RTC lightly smoked salmon x2 £2
Spreadable butter £2
Trout x2 £3.52
Thai fish sauce 750ml £1.38
Rice vinegar 500ml £1.95
Dark soy sauce 500ml £1.38
Tamarind 454g £1.75
Cat food £2.58

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