Mealplan and Spending Update 30/03


I’ve set a pretty low budget of £160 this month – only £40 a week – but that should be very do-able as we still seem to have loads in the freezer.  It doesn’t look great that I’ve already spent over £60 with three weeks to go, but we’ve stocked up on heavy stuff so i don’t see us doing a big order again – I’ll probably stick to the local Morrisons instead.

It’s so nice to be getting back to cooking loads and I had a really busy day yesterday making bread and lots of other goodies – think I’ll do a wee post with what i made tomorrow, to show you all the kinds of things I make in advance at the weekend 🙂

I plan on linking in to #mealplanningmonday again this week for the first time since before we went away, so do check in with the other posters for more mealplanning ideas.

PS I’m going to keep an eye on how much we spent on toiletries and cleaning products over the next while as it seems to be the main area I don’t do well in – any suggestions? I do just tend to get this stuff at the supermarket as I’m a bit lazy when it comes to shopping around. Should I be going to other shops? We get value/smartprice washing liquid/cat litter but I can’t do it for everything as my husband is pretty fussy about cleaning stuff (and I can’t complain or else I’d have to do the cleaning myself 😉 )


Sun 30 – spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread

Mon 31 – crispy-topped baked trout with new potatoes and veg

Tues 1 – hummous, homemade pittas and salads

Wed 2 – cashew nut & veg stirfry with sticky rice

Thurs 3 – out visiting friends

Fri 4 – bacon-wrapped chicken breasts with new potatoes and veg

Sat 5 – roast veggie pasta bake with salad

Breakfasts – either bran flakes or porridge, both with banana, for me; Dave has bran flakes every weekday morning then bacon rolls usually at the weekend

Lunches – soup & homemade bread for me; tuna or ham rolls for Dave – we have apples, tinned fruit, raisins, homemade cheesy biscuit things, crisps and nuts in to take with lunches or as snacks.

Spending Update (£61.01 / £160)

*I got the items marked with an * earlier on in the week in my local Morrisons; everything else came in my Asda delivery today.  I forgot to buy spreadable butter in the order and didn’t get the trout I’d ordered so will need to pop into Morrison’s tomorrow – will list these in next week’s post.

delivery £5

fruit & veg £14.17
baby leaf salad £1
green grapes 500g £1.50
smartprice peppers 6pk £1.36
spring onions 50p
bananas x7 64p
baby new potatoes 1kg £1
smartprice carrots 2kg £1.18
smartprice onions 2kg 98p
cauliflower £1
smartprice frozen sweetcorn 1kg 98p
cooked corn on the cob 2pk x2 £3.38*
RTC parsnips 500g 65p*

meat & fish £9.45
free range whole chicken 1.3kg £6.53
pork loin medallions 4pk £1.91*
pork ribs £1.01*

dairy & eggs £3.66
whole milk 4pints £1
meadow park whole milk 2ltr 84p*
mozzarella 125g 83p
savers butter 99p*

tins, dried etc £11.78
discos crisps 6pk x2 £1.48
cashew nuts 200g £2.50
smartprice penne pasta 500g 29p
smartprice spaghetti 500g 20p
smartprice tinned pineapple 38p
dr oetker baking powder £1.29
white bread flour 1.5kg 80p
smartprice baked beans 24p
smartprice chopped tomatoes x2 68p
smartprice bran flakes 750g 88p
smartprice porridge oats 1kg 75p
shelled pistachios 200g £2.29*

household £16.95
shades toilet roll 24pk £8
smartprice cat litter x3 £4.80
bin bags 10pk £1.35*
nivea men's deodorant £1
radox bath salts £1
lime shower gel 250ml 80p


2 thoughts on “Mealplan and Spending Update 30/03

  1. Kim Carberry

    Great meal plan! Everything sounds fab!! You seem to be doing really well with your spending! Well done x


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