… I’m back! (with mealplan)

wedding 133

So I’m back from an amazing honeymoon in Japan, over the jet-lag and sad to have left Japan but happy to be back in my own comfy bed and to have a chance to get cooking again!

The wedding was fantastic as well – thanks to everyone who sent us their best wishes via the blog – and I thought I’d just stick up a couple of pictures before we get back to the food.  Well I do only get to post my wedding pics once 😉

wedding 182

So am I still going to be sharing budget recipes here now I’m no longer saving for a wedding?  The answer has to be YES – we want to buy a house in the next year (gulp!) so will still be saving up.  Since I got paid today, it’s the start of a new budget month for us, so I’ve set the slightly ambitious target of £160 this month, which equates to £40 a week for all our food, groceries, cat food etc. I’m enjoying getting back to baking and cooking from scratch so this should be quite doable.

wedding 284


So I have done a meal plan for this week, it’s not the most inspired as I’m trying to use up food so hopefully I’ll get a bit more experimental again next week:

Sun 23 pressure cooker beef stew with Yorkshires, mash and neeps & carrots

Mon 24 – cheesy pasta with broccoli and peas

Tues 25 – soup/stew from the freezer with reduced sausage rolls (also from the freezer)

Wed 26 – spare ribs with homemade coleslaw, corn on the cobs and wedges

Thurs 27 – grilled salmon with sticky rice and veg

Fri 28 – veg dhansak or masala with homemade naans

Sat 29 vegetable stew from the freezer with couscous or rice

So I want to know – is everyone else still meal planning and cooking lots of exciting things? What new recipes should I try out? And what would you like to see on the blog going forwards – I’m thinking of a mealplanning series soon for novices, but other ideas are gratefully received 🙂

wedding 128


3 thoughts on “… I’m back! (with mealplan)

  1. lbnblbnb

    The wedding photos look lovely – congratulations! Good to have your meal plans back, I always find them interesting. I am trying to “eat clean” (very American, I know) but also plan ahead and keep costs down.

  2. Kavey

    Congratulations, you look beautiful!
    Will you be blogging about Japan? Not that I’m obsessed or anything but I love reading about it!

    1. Jess Post author

      Oh I don’t know! Might have to do a wee post with a round up soon. Maybe focused on food or just what we did. It was such a fantastic trip!


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