Mealplan and Spending Update 27/01


I know it’s been a week since I’ve posted – the wedding has taken over my life again and all I can think of are table plans, bouquets and vows!  I was also away for my hen weekend (a lovely weekend in Edinburgh organised by my amazing bridesmaids) this weekend so haven’t been cooking much and only did this week’s shopping today.

Keeping it simple again this week as Dave’s off on his stag do at the weekend and I have a work event on Friday evening then dinner out with family on Sunday.  Still mostly using things from the freezer and cupboards so shouldn’t have to buy too much for a week or so.  I have upped the budget by £20 this month to take account of the fact that it’s a five weekend month and hopefully this should be do-able.

I would have finished my January budget just under, but our oven broke unexpectedly and as our grill is also an oven, I bought some oven cleaning supplies to clean it out (it smoked if you actually used it as an oven due to not being cleaned for a really, really long time :oops:).  So I was a few pounds over instead. Dave is trying to fix the oven tonight so keep your fingers crossed for us – otherwise we’ll be stuck with the little top oven until we can get a new one, which will seriously cramp my baking style.


Sun 26 – veg chilli, cheese and rice

Mon 27 – veg & tofu Szechuan-style stirfry with noodles

Tues 28 – beef pasties with beans and homemade chips

Wed 29 – pan-fried salmon with salad, roasted veg and homemade wedges

Thurs 30 – homemade pizzas with salad

Fri 31 – Dave away and I’m at a work event

Sat 1 – veg risotto with salad

February Spending Update (£26.84 / £185)

Fruit & veg £5.54
Radishes 50p
Spring onions 75p
Four leaf salad £1.09
Peppers 4pk £1.89
Savers mushrooms 79p
Bananas x5 52p

Dairy & eggs £5.52
Savers mozzarella 55p
Morrisons spreadable butter x2 £4
Meadow park whole milk 2ltr 97p

Bread £1
White loaf £1

General £5.24
Yutaka tofu £1.04
Sharwoods egg noodles £1.00
Savers ketchup 40p
Savers tinned pineapple 25p
Savers tinned peaches 32p
Vegetable oil 1ltr £1.35
Savers bran flakes 88p

Household £9.54
Alberto balsam shampoo & conditioner x4 £3
Savers scourers 19p
Whiskas cat food pouches 12pk £3
Morrisons triple blade disposable razors 4pk £1.75
Colgate sensitive toothpaste £1.60

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