Mealplan and Spending Update 12/01


Still seem to be doing surprisingly well on the spending front!  Will do a bigger shop next weekend and get an online delivery in to stock up before starting next month, which is going to be really busy and a five weekend month too.

Mealplan is nice and easy again this week.  The haddock is recycled from last week, since we didn’t eat it then.  Last week, Dave ended up having to work quite a lot (the sausage rolls and pizza were actually bought by him, to eat at work – well you didn’t think I’d bought them, did you 😉 ) and on the Wednesday, when he wasn’t home for dinner, I went to my mum’s instead. We pretty much stuck to the mealplan apart from that though.

Dave’s mum’s coming to stay this weekend so I thought I’d dig out the beef roasting joint in the freezer then.  I still need to get some more veg for the weekend – Morrisons was really disappointing today in that respect.  No courgettes, no cheap carrots, not much choice of salad. It’s lovely that they’ve done up the veg bit but to make room for all the displays of expensive bunched carrots and radishes with their leaves on they seem to have got rid of all the Savers range of veg – so annoying!

We’re also trialling the cat on wet food as she’s been sick quite a lot and, while the vet has ruled out anything serious, it seems to be dietary.  After a few weeks on mostly specialist food from the vets (this is really expensive I have to say!), we’ve been reintroducing normal food and she seems to be coping better with wet rather than dry, which is a change for us.  Hopefully this will solve the issue as it’s not nice for her or us for her to be sick all the time 😦 .

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Sun 12 – minestrone soup and bread

Mon 13 mince and tatties

Tues 14 black eye bean & spinach stew with crusty bread

Wed 15 sweetcorn fritters, spicy wedges and salad

Thurs 16 – haddock with a spicy tomato sauce, veg 7 chips (recycled from last week as we didn’t have it then)

Fri 17 roasted vegetable arrabiata with foccacia and salad

Sat 18 roast beef, Yorkshires, roasties, veg and gravy

Lunches – minestrone or leftover chicken casserole for me, tuna or ham sandwiches for Dave during the week and bacon rolls at the weekend

Spending Update (£106.49 / £165)

Fruit & veg £6.50
Parsnips x3 69p
Bananas x6 58p
Grapes £2
Spring greens 75p
Leafy salad 180g £1.49
Fresh sage bunch 99p

Dairy & eggs £5.83
Meadow park whole milk 2lt 97p
Whole milk 4 pints £1.39
Free range eggs 6pk 97p
Cathedral City cheddar £2.50

Meat & fish £5
Bacon 24 rashers £5

Bread £1
Pick & mix 5x rolls/bagels £1

General £5.67
Savers plain flour 45p
Savers instant custard 15p
Nescafe instant coffee 150g £2.50
Savers baked beans 24p
Savers individual orange juices 3pk 45p
McCoys crisps 6pk £1
Savers bran flakes 88p
Frozen pizza £1.50
Sausage rolls 4pk £1

Household £8.15
Whiskas wet cat food pouches 12pk x2 £6
Morrisons dry cat food £1.28
Vaseline deodorant 87p

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