Mealplan and Spending Update 05/01


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!  Below is the mealplan for this week and I’ve also listed everything I’ve bought so far since the 25th December.  I lost track of December’s budget in all the stresses the week before Christmas (the shame!) but I actually don’t think we went too far over anyway, so I’m just going to draw a line under it and move on.

The new budget for January is £165 because we have a freezer stuffed full of food – fingers crossed we should be able to do this as we only have two weekend shops left now.  We’re really keen to keep saving as our main goals for 2014 after the wedding is to buy a house (we rent at the moment) and for us both to learn to drive, so we’ll need to keep as much as we can aside for these.  Scary, but exciting!


Sun 5 – veggie egg fried rice

Mon 6 – sausage and roasted veg pasta with salad

Tues 7 – haddock in a tomato & thyme sauce with veg and chips

Wed 8 – mixed bean enchiladas with salad

Thurs 9 – chicken casserole with dumplings

Fri 10 – gnocchi with roasted squash, pine nuts and pesto

Sat 11 – out for dinner

Lunches – hot & sour lentil soup for me, tuna or beef sandwiches for Dave

Spending Update (£74.34 / £165)

Fruit & veg £23.37
RTC plum punnets x3 £1.50 
Frozen spinach 1kg £1.25
Lemons 5pk £1.29
Button chestnut mushrooms £1
Onions 3pk £1.10
Tomatoes 6pk £1
Limes x2 78p
Savers carrots 1kg 59p
Savers frozen peas 900g 89p
Savers dried apricots £1.17
RTC salad 55p
Rocket salad x3 £3
Frozen raspberries 350g £1.93
Smartprice peppers £1.58
Bananas x4 42p
Garlic 4pk £1
Red chillies 50p
Butternut squash £1
Growing thyme £1
Leeks x2 84p
Smartprice onions 2kg 98p

Meat & fish £15.82
RTC smoked haddock £1.23
RTC salmon 2pk £2
Higher welfare chicken breasts 3pk £3.50
Higher welfare chicken thighs £3.50
RTC higher welfare chicken breasts 3pk x2 £1
Pepperoni £1.59
Beef mince 750g £3

Dairy & eggs £8.55
Free range eggs 6pk 97p
RTC double cream 600ml 3pk £2.52
Natural yoghurt £1.16
Mozzarella 90p
Country life spreadable butter £2
Whole milk 4 pint £1

Bread 20p
RTC crusty bread x2 20p

General £18.16
Coffee £2.09
Sensations crisps £1.20
McCoys crisps 6pk £1
Couscous 69p
Pimento stuffed olives 99p
Smartprice pasta 29p
Smartprice spaghetti 20p
Ambassador tinned peaches 29p
Smartprice pineapple x2 66p
Strong white bread flour 1.5kg £1.28
Brown bread flour 1.5kg £1.28
Smartprice peanut butter 62p
Granulated sugar 1kg 88p
Smartprice chopped tomatoes x6 £1.86
Smartprice passata x2 68p
Smartprice mayonnaise 40p
Smartprice orange juice 3pk 45p
Cola 4pk x2 £3.30

Household £8.24
Bin bags £1.58
Hair gel 46p
Smartprice kitchen roll 4pk £1.38
Smartprice food bags 100pk 72p
Aquafresh toothpaste £1
Smartprice cat litter x2 £3.10

5 thoughts on “Mealplan and Spending Update 05/01

    1. Jess Post author

      Thanks! Really getting back into the meal planning etc now Christmas has passed. Hoping for a cheap January (well food-wise, I have loads of birthdays and my hen party in Jan too!).


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