Mealplan and Spending Update 10/12

Well we’ve managed to spend a fortune this week! I let Dave loose on the shops midweek (I’m still super busy at the moment) and we had a big order this weekend too since we needed to stock up on cleaning stuff.

BUT one of the main reasons for the high total is an amazing deal I got on a beef joint – £14.30 for a 3.5kg topside joint (yes, that works out as only FOUR POUNDS per kilo) – which will keep us going in roasts, casseroles and sandwiches for the next few weeks.  Asda has a £4 p/kilo rollback offer on their cheaper 2.25kg beef joints at the moment, and they must have run out, because in my order today they’d substituted it for one big and more expensive topside joint – so glad they price match substitutions because I would have been really unhappy to miss out on this.

I cut the joint into three roughly equal pieces – one will be roasted for dinner tonight, with lots of leftovers for another meal; one’s been frozen as is; and the third I chopped into chunks and froze – it should be enough to make three casseroles for the two of us. I’ve estimated that it’ll provide around 10-11 meals for the two of us (but I’ll probably use some for Dave’s sandwiches rather than making another meal out of it; I think he’ll be happy for a change from ham).


Sun 8 – roast beef with Yorkshires, gravy and roasted root veg

Mon 9  – mushroom stroganoff with potatoes and salad

Tues 10 – Chinese chicken curry with egg fried rice

Wed 11  – Nigerian red kidney bean stew with rice

Thurs 12  – I’m out; not sure what Dave’ll do yet

Fri 13 – homemade pizzas & salad

Sat 14 – homemade fish fingers and chips with veg

Spending Update (£96.19 / £225)

Fruit & veg £10.47
Baby leaf salad £1
Pak choi 200g £1
Smartprice mushrooms 650g £1.37
Loose bananas x4 44p
Smartprice apples 5pk 90p
White potatoes 5kg £3.49
Garlic 4pk £1
Ginger 300g 67p
Swede 60p

Dairy & eggs £2.90
Mozzarella 83p
Creme fraiche £1.10
Meadow park whole milk 2ltr 97p

Meat & fish £17.30
Frozen haddock fillets 400g £2
Beef topside joint 3.5kg £14.30
Pepperoni 120g £1

Bread £1
Naan bread 2pk £1

General £14.13
Smartprice tinned pineapple 33p
Carte noire instant coffee 150g £4
Granulated sugar 1kg 88p
Smartprice tinned tomatoes x4 £1.24
Smartprice passata x2 68p
Smartprice ketchup 28p
Smartprice bran flakes 92p
Cola 4pk x2 £4
Mango chutney £1.10
Coconut milk 70p

Household £9.02
Dried cat food 950g £1.32
Floor cleaner £1.20
Dettol antibacterial spray x2 £2
Smartprice dish brush x1 £4.50

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