Mealplan and Spending Update 02/12

How can it be December already?  Just how??  Thankfully I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping but I’m still finding life pretty busy and hectic at the moment – I suppose wedding planning does that to you.  I’m still trying to keep meals simple because of this, but I’m looking forward to the chicken stew and the enchiladas, both of which are new recipes.

As far as the budget goes, I’ve upped it in December to to allow for Christmas treats (and because Dave’s mum will come to stay for a few days, so we’ll want to make some nice family meals), so I’ll try and stick under £225 until the 25th, when the new budget will start.


Sun 1  – beef & mushroom pie with roasted veg and red cabbage

Mon 2 –  tomato & mascapone pasta with salad

Tues 3 – Dave working/I’m visiting my mum

Wed 4 – vegetable curry

Thurs 5 – South African chicken & peanut stew with rice

Fri 6 – griddled salmon with sweet potato chips and veg

Sat 7 – black bean enchiladas

Spending (£41.37 / £225)

Fruit & veg £5.56
Sweet potatoes 1kg £1
Bananas x6 61p
Smartprice peppers 5pk £1.58
Smartprice mushrooms 650g £1.37
Baby leaf salad £1

Meat & fish £8.52
Frozen salmon fillets 4pk £3
Diced beef 600g £5.52

Dairy & eggs £4.89
Whole milk 4pints £1
Asda Best for Baking x2 £1
Mascarpone 250g £1.50
Free range eggs 6pk £1.39

General £13.38
Cola 4pk £2.15
Smartprice porridge oats 1kg 80p
Cornflakes 750g £1.74
Smartprice mayo 40p
Branston pickle £1
Smartprice passata 34p
Smartprice chopped tomatoes 31p
Princes tuna in brine 3pk x2 £4
Cream crackers 40p
Smartprice mandarins 24p
Discos salt & vinegar 6pk x2 £2

Household £9.02
Smartprice cat litter x2 £3.10
Morrisons savers cat litter £1.57
Alberto Balsam hair gel £1
Smartprice toothbrushes 4pk 35p
Original Source orange & ginger shower gel x2 £2
Radox bath salts £1

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