Mealplan and Spending Update 17/11


A small shop today (we got it delivered from Asda), leaving us with just a shade under £25 to do until the 25th – hopefully just enough for the next week’s shopping.  This week, the plan is to try and use up some stuff that’s been hanging around the freezer a while – the chicken drumsticks, a few bits of fish, the veggie chilli (which is already made up, the mince for the burgers.


Sun 17 – spicy chicken drumsticks with sweetcorn salsa, spicy wedges and salad

Mon 18 – vegetable curries with rice and naan

Tues 19 – fish pie

Wed 20 veggie chilli with baked potatoes and salad

Thurs 21 mac and cheese with broccoli

Fri 22 – having friends round so will just have pizza

Sat 23 – beefburger for Dave, turkey burger for me, with chips and salad

Spending Update (£150.70 / £175)

Fruit & veg £5.18
Baby leaf salad £1
Carrots 1.2kg £1
Trimmed leeks 500g £1
Smartprice onions 2kg 98p
Broccoli 335g 60p
Bananas x6 60p

Meat & fish £5
Smoked bacon 800g £5

Dairy & eggs £3.97
Pilgrims Choice mature cheddar 350g £2
Whole milk 4pints £1
Meadow park whole milk 97p

General £7.38
Smartprice tinned pineapple 33p
Allison easy-bake yeast 100g 98p
Smartprice crunchy peanut butter 62p
Carte noire instant coffee 100g £3
Smartprice chopped tomatoes 31p
Bay leaves 87p
Smartprice individual orange juices 3pk 45p
Smoked paprika 92p

Household £7.77
Asda complete dry cat food 950g £1.32
Smartprice wrapping film 60p
Smartprice cat litter £1.55
Asda cola 4pk x2 £4.30

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