Mealplan and Spending Update 10/11


I was thinking about all the different strategies for saving money on groceries today, and it occurred to me that the one that I’m worst at is shopping around – I just can’t muster up any enthusiasm for it.

In my defence, we haven’t got a car, so it’s tough to shop around.  The last thing I want to do on a Sunday is traipse around three or four shops to get the best price on something.  The truth is, I hate shopping and hate running errands (I’ve been trying to make myself replace my trainers and buy a sports bra since I started running seven whole weeks ago, but haven’t been able to face spending a Saturday morning shopping yet).

The point is that some people would enjoy spending a weekend morning wandering through markets, ethnic grocers and bargain supermarkets, but while I do occasional trips to these places when I’m not rushed, on a normal Sunday all I want to do is get the shopping over and done with as soon as possible (it’s why I like ordering online – I can get the whole thing done without leaving the sofa).  But for other people, making their own bread or saving chicken carcasses might be their worst nightmare.  So if you’re trying to join in and save some money on your shopping – pick and choose what works for you and you’re more likely to stick to it.

By the way – I did go to an African grocers this week to pick up some gram flour (chickpea flour) to make the pakoras I’ve been trying to make for weeks, as haven’t found it in any local supermarkets – only to later discover that since last week our local Morrisons has started stocking it and is 70p cheaper per 1kg bag.  So maybe that’s why I’m feeling even less enthusiastic about shopping around this week!


Sun 10 – vegetable pakoras with spiced onions, naans and poppadoms

Mon 11 – goats cheese spaghetti with salad

Tues 12 – veggie curries with rice

Wed 13 – veg chilli with baked potatoes and salad

Thurs 14 – meat lasagne with salad

Fri 15 – pizzas with salad

Sat 16 – roasted chicken drumsticks with veg, potatoes and stuffing

Spending Update (£121.40 / £175)

Fruit & veg £6.33
Courgette 44p
Savers mushrooms 75p
RTC watermelon portion 80p
Salad x2 £2
Spinach £1.49
Bananas x6 75p

Meat £1.50
Square sausage £1.50

Dairy & eggs £6
Savers natural yoghurt 59p
Soft goats cheese £1.89
Spreadable butter £2
Savers mozzarella 55p
Meadow park milk 2ltr 97p

Bread £3.60
Bread loaf 60p
Poppadoms £1
Naan breads 3pk x2 £2
General £16.38
Savers cocoa pops 88p
Strong white flour 1.5kg 80p
Strong brown flour £1.27
Mixed spice 55p
Oxo veg stock cubes £1
Oxo beef stock cubes £1
Savers mint sauce 27p
Savers bran flakes 83p
Ice cream £1.50
Instant coffee £2.50
Walkers crisps 6pk x2 £2
Gram/besan flour £1.79
Dried red kidney beans 500g 89p
Dried black eye beans 500g 99p

Household £11.44
Savers kitchen roll £1.11
Sure mens deodorant £1.44
Morrisons womens deodorant 92p
Alberto balsam shampoo £1
Alberto balsam conditioner £1
Shower gel 89p
Gillette disposable razors £3.99
Savers handwash 39p
Scourers 70p

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