Mealplan and Spending Update 27/10


We’ve gone for a really easy week this week – loads of stuff from the freezer and the only thing I’ll really need to make is the chilli.  That’s partly because Dave’s working one night this week and I have a few things on, and partly because we’re having a Hallowe’en party on Friday night and want to keep things simple to give us a chance to clean and decorate the flat (party decorations, crisps and sweets aren’t coming out of the grocery budget, in case you were wondering).

Oh and I am so pleased I scraped in last month at 21p under budget – because I paid for the 3 month delivery pass from Asda out of it, I didn’t think that I would.  New budget has been set at £175 – £5 more as it’s a five weekend month.  Normally I’d set it higher but judging by the last few months, I can get the budget just a wee bit lower.


Sun 27 – steak, chips (for Dave) and salad with a peppercorn sauce

Mon 28 – salmon, rice and stir-fried veg

Tues 29 – Dave’s working so I’ll probably make some kind of pasta

Wed 30 – beef pasta with salad

Thurs 31 – canneloni with salad

Fri 1 – pizza with salad

Sat 2 – veggie chilli with rice

October Spending Update (£169.79 / £170)

Loo blues £1
RTC sliced loaf 75p

November Spending Update (£33.44 / £175)

Fruit & veg £6.77
Salad x2 £2
Swede 500g 60p
Carrots 1.2kg £1
Organic garlic 3pk 70p
Bananas x6 70p
Frozen sweetcorn 1kg 98p
Mushrooms 250g 79p

Meat & fish £7
Sirloin steaks 243g x2 £7

Dairy & eggs £2.53
Single cream 150ml 55p
Smartprice butter 250g 98p
Medium free-range eggs 6pk £1

General £7.56
Walkers crinkle crisps 6pk £1
Smartprice tinned pineapple 33p
Smartprice crunchy peanut butter 62p
Albero Antico extra-virgin olive oil 750ml £2.50
Dried thyme 84p
Smartprice individual orange juice 3pk 45p
Smartprice bran flakes 750g 88p
Savers baked beans 25p
Potato scones 69p

Household £9.58
Smartprice kitchen roll 4pk £1.25
Dried cat food 950g £1.32
Cif floor cleaner 1ltr £1
Poly-lina bin bags 50pk £3.50
Smartprice baby wipes 80pk 51p
Asda bath soak £1
Lynx shower gel £1

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