My kitchen


Emma, who blogs over at Supper in the Suburbs, has had the lovely idea for a bunch of food bloggers to write a post about their kitchen and link up over at her blog, so we can all have a wee nosy behind the scenes at each others’ kitchens.  So the picture above is mine – sorry about the light (I ended up taking the picture at night, so it’s a bit yellow)!

As you can see, my kitchen is TINY.  I have to say, I’m used to the small space after four years of living in this flat and do just about managed to cram everything in, so it’ll be a shock one day when I (hopefully) move somewhere bigger.  My one main regret is not being able to fit a table of any kind in the kitchen – it’s just way too narrow and to be honest, it feels a wee bit crowded if both of us are in there.

I like to keep the surfaces quite bare and minimalist to make them feel a bit bigger, so all I have out just now is the coffea, tea and sugar canisters, along with the kettle next to the fridge, and on the other side I have some fancy oils and vinegars I got as a gift, the fruit bowl and the radio.


Here’s my sink and window.  On the sill at the moment, I’ve got: a sadly empty but decorative vodka bottle, a pot of thyme (mostly dead now though), my beloved blue Ikea cast iron casserole dish, a blue tagine my sister gave me as a gift (are you getting that my favourite colour’s blue?), a pot of basil and a fancy tea cup and saucer set a friend gave me for Christmas.  You can also see a closer view of the radio, which I keep tuned into Kerrang for those cooking marathons when I need a bit of hard rock to keep me going!

kitchen 2

Here’s another view of the sink – you can see that we keep our utensils here, in a big glass pitcher.  Not the prettiest of solutions, and no-one’s going to be pinning it any time soon, but it does the trick and meant we didn’t have to buy anything since we already had the pitcher.  You can also see the edge of my shelves.  I keep my mixing bowls, digital scales (probably my most-useful piece of equipment, after my sharp knife), ramekins, measuring jug and mortar and pestle in the bottom shelf, glasses on the second, cups on the first and my food processor, blender and hand blender on the top.

On the wall across from the cooker and worktops, I have a brilliant spice rack made by Dave when I moved in (before that, I’d lived in shared student flats and kept my spices in a giant shoebox, so this was a real step up!).  This is a picture I took for a post a wee while back, but it’s not too different now.


To finish, here’s a look at my favourite bit of the kitchen – my freezer.  It’s totally packed just now with things like spinach and coconut dal, chorizo pasta sauce, soup, cannelloni, homemade stock, bread, blueberries and lots more.  Seriously, I could not feed us like I do on our budget without some freezer space – or if I tried, we’d end up eating the same thing for days on end.



Well, that’s me done! Hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my kitchen today and I’ll be back with some frugal recipes later on this week.


2 thoughts on “My kitchen

  1. efwalt

    Hey Jess thanks for sharing!

    First things first I am SO envious of your spice rack!!! It’s incredible. Think Dave would like to make me one?

    Also I had NO idea you were a rock fan. (ME TOO!) I love that your radio is always tuned in to Kerrang. Though I’m starting to see a pattern here…it seems everyone loves cooking to music. Perhaps I will have to bring my radio out of the bathroom (hygenic? haha)

    You have such a well stocked freezer too. I haven’t had a chance to get filling mine yet but then again we’ve only been here a few weeks.

    Thanks again for sharing

    PS. I love your tagine…my favourite colour is blue too!


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