Mealplan and Spending Update 20/10


It’s been a busy week this week!  We more or less stuck to the mealplan, except last night, when Dave had to work and I went out for dinner with friends.  It should be a bit less hectic this week, and I’m excited about some of the new things we’ll be getting to try out for dinner.

I really like the ‘bedrocks’ section in Economy Gastronomy, where they show how to make 3-4 meals out of one main ingredient, hopefully making for less money spent and certainly less time spent in the kitchen.  The main ingredients range from a ham to a whole salmon to a big batch of chickpeas and after some deliberation, I decided to test out the braising beef section.  The basic idea is to make a massive beef casserole, split the leftovers in two and turn one batch into pasties and the other into a pasta sauce.  I won’t be exactly following their recipes but will actually be seeing if there are any tricks I can employ to make the recipes even cheaper.

As a sneak preview, here’s a picture of the beef casserole from tonight – recipe to follow this week:

beef casserole 2


Sun 20 – daube of beef (from ‘Economy Gastronomy’) with mash, parnsips, Yorkshire pudding and cabbage

Mon 21pittas, hummous and salads

Tues 22 – veggie pakoras with dips, spiced onions and salad

Wed 23 – beef and mushroom pasta (leftovers from the daube; again from ‘Economy Gastronomy’)

Thurs 24 – squash and ricotta cannelloni with salad (leftover from last week)

Fri 25 – griddled salmon in a sticky Asian sauce with rice and stirfried veg

Sat 26 veggie chilli with wraps

Spending Update (£168.04 / £170)

Fruit & veg £10.48
Smartprice peppers 7pk £1.68
Bananas x6 68p
Tenderheart cabbage 60p
Frozen blueberries £1.98
Mushrooms 250g 79p
Rocket salad £1
Lemons 6pk £1
Courgettes x3 £1
Limes 3pk 75p
Salad £1

Meat & fish £10
Diced casserole beef 454g x3 £10

Dairy & eggs £2.56
Whole milk 4pints £1
Meadow Park milk 2lt 97p
Smartprice natural yoghurt 500g 59p

General £13.45
Smartprice tinned mandarins 23p
Smartprice tinned pineapple 33p
Shelled pistachios 150g £2.81
Strong white bread flour 1.5kg 80p
Smartprice honey £1.24
Great Scot chickpeas 500g 95p
French coarse-grain mustard 180g 58p
Waitrose black turtle beans 500g £1.09
Waitrose pinto beans 500g £1.09
Douwe Egberts coffee 200g £3.50
Savers cocoa pops 83p

Household £1.79
Shower gel 79p
Alberto Balsam hair gel £1

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