Mealplan and Spending Update 13/10


It’s been a busy week and not a great one for sticking to the mealplan.  BUT more because we were out/away more often than because we went out and bought different food – so in fact all I bought in between last week’s shopping and this week’s was a pizza for Dave’s dinner last night (I had quinoa and a grated courgette salad I’m going to blog about next week).

This week we’re not doing quite as much so might be able to stick to the plan better.  We had a long discussion tonight though as Dave wants to make some changes to his diet and make sure he’s eating more protein and less carbs – plus he wants to eat a bit earlier in the evenings if possible, leaving me less time to cook.  Both of these present challenges to the budget so I’ll discuss further next week to let you know how we’re getting on.

I paid for a three month delivery subscription to Asda this week (£15) and debated adding £5 to each of the next three months – but then I figured I’d just end up forgetting about it next month.  So I’ve added it all to this month’s budget, which might make things more difficult.  Hopefully I’ll be OK though as we still have £40 with only one weekend shop to do.


Sun 13 – pork loin steaks cooked with apple & onion, with potatoes, carrots and peas

Mon 14 – homemade pizzas with salad

Tues 15 – lentil and spinach curry with rice

Wed 16 – chorizo and tomato pasta with salad

Thurs 17 – Smoked mackerel with roasted veg, homemade chips and salad

Fri 18 – Squash and ricotta cannelloni with salad

Sat 19 – was supposed to be a veggie & chestnut casserole with cheese dumplings, but we might change it

Spending Update(£129.76 / £170)

Three month delivery subscription to Asda £15

Fruit & veg £7.39
Mixed salad 79p
Large cooking apple 38p
Closed cup mushrooms 250g 79p
Spinach 350g £1.50
Smartprice peppers 5pk £1.68
Salad tomatoes 6pk 75p
Bananas x6 68p
Butternut squash 965g 82p

Dairy & eggs £4.58
Bella mozzarella 58p
Cathedral city mature cheddar 350g £2
Asda ricotta 250g £1
Asda whole milk 4pints £1

Meat & fish £5.50
Danish pepperoni 120g £1
Extra special chorizo 225g £2.50
Smoked mackerel fillets 285g £2

General £12.75
Tinned mango 78p
Smartprice tinned mandarins 23p
Asda tinned mackerel in oil 85p
Smartprice passata x2 68p
Smartprice red kidney beans 27p
Smartprice mayonnaise 40p
Granulated sugar 2kg £1.74
Discos 6pk x2 £2
Asda cola 4pk x2 £4.30
Dr Oetker frozen pizza £1.50

Household £4.76
Dried cat food 950g £1.32
Asda thick bleach x2 £1.50
Asda Protect toothpaste 39p
Smartprice cat litter 10kg £1.55

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