Mealplan and Spending Update 07/10


Not too exciting a mealplan tonight as we seem to be out a lot this week.  Going away this weekend, but I’ve got the ingredients to make fried rice (all from the freezer, except the egg and rice) in case we’re in one night as we haven’t finalised the plans yet.  Good to know we have so much to eat in if the mealplan changes!


Sun 6  – dinner at friends’ flat

Mon 7 – baked salmon with sweetcorn, roasted sweet potato and salad

Tues 8 – cottage pie with broccoli

Wed 9 – tomato & roasted veg pasta with salad

Thurs 10 – bean and cheese burritos with salad

Fri 11 – away

Sat 12 – possibly away, or else chicken and ham egg-fried rice

Spending Update (£79.78 / £170)

Fruit & veg £7.36
Spring onions 75p
Mixed salad 240g £1.49
Winter oak salad leaves £1
Lemon 30p
Lime 30p
Bananas x5 70p
Apples 6pk £1
Sweet potato 32p
Aubergine £1
RTC prepared salad 50p

Meat & fish £11.34
Salmon fillets 4pk £5
RTC smoked haddock £1.25
RTc salmon fillet £1.09
Smoked gammon joint 1.25kg £4

Dairy & eggs £4.99
Spreadable butter £1.69
Meadow Park whole milk 2ltr £1
Savers hard cheese £2.30

General £12.13
RTC vegetable suet 60p
Savers bran flakes 88p
Strong brown flour £1.27
Capers £1.49
Savers pineapple 20p
Princes tuna 4pk £3.49
Tinned peaches 64p
Savers kidney beans 27p
Savers plum tomatoes x4 £1
Cocoa powder £2.29

Household £1.25
Bin bags 10pk £1.25

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