Mealplan and Spending Update 30/09

I didn’t do my usual Sunday cooking yesterday – but luckily I was off work for a local holiday today, so I got it all done in the end.  Actually, I did even more than usual.  Since I’m tired from all the cooking, I’ll tell the story in pictures:

Homemade natural yoghurt with banana and honey (keep your eyes out for the method later on in the week!).

banana and yoghurt

Loaf of seeded brown bread.

brown loaf

Six brown rolls.

brown rolls

Six portions of lentil and tomato soup.

tomato and lentil soup

Six portions of the mince mix for mince and tatties/cottage pie (had two tonight for dinner with mash)

mince and tatties

Eight white wraps.

photo (98)


Sun 29 – baked potatoes (mine with tuna & sweetcorn, Dave’s with homemade baked beans from the freezer)

Mon 30 – mince & tatties (recipe later this week)

Tues 1 vegetable fajitas

Wed 2 – squash and chickpea curry with rice

Thurs 3  – spicy prawn spaghetti with salad

Fri 4  – sticky Asian turkey with stirfried veg and rice

Sat 5 – chestnut, blue cheese and beer puff pastry pie with veg and potatoes

September Spending Update (£183.13 / £185)

Creme fraiche £1.16

October Spending Update (£42.71 / £170)

Fruit & veg £8.32
Broccoli 335g 60p
Smartprice brown onions 2kg 98p
Parsnips x2 (370g) 55p
Carrots x10 (1.6kg) £1.44
Organic garlic 3pk 70p
Courgettes 3pk £1
Bananas x4 40p
Rocket salad £1
Fresh chillies 50p
Living basil £1.15

Dairy & eggs £3.35
Whole milk 4pints £1
Meadow park whole milk 2ltr 97p
Shropshire cheese 166g £1.38

Meat & fish £2
Beef mince 500g £2

General £23.79
Cola 4pk x2 £4.30
Smartprice individual orange juice 3pk 45p
Smartprice ketchup 18p
Brown sauce 68p
Merchant Gourmet whole chestnuts 200g £1.98
Smartprice chopped tomatoes x2 68p
Tuna in brine 4pk £3.99
White cooking chocolate 150g 74p
Smartprice tinned pineapple 27p
Smartprice tinned mandarins x2 46p
Basmati rice 2kg £2.98
Smartprice spaghetti x2 46p
Smartprice penne pasta 29p
Blue dragon soy sauce 375ml £1.58
Smartprice dark chocolate 100g x2 60p
McCoys 6pk x2 £3
Fresh pasta £1.15

Household £4.75
Smartprice washing up liquid 40p
Smartprice kitchen roll 4pk £1.25
Smartprice cat litter x2 £3.10

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