Mealplan and Spending Update 22/08

Had internet problems yesterday so this never went up – sorry!  Will follow with another post tonight.


I finally got round to defrosting the freezer this weekend (so glad I got it over with!) and did a proper inventory of the contents while I was doing it. Not too many surprises in there but I did have to chuck a couple of things that had been in there since the last defrost and we just clearly don’t want to eat – not good planning. I’ll continue trying to use up the stuff in there regularly in an attempt to stop that happening again.

Decided to mix it up a bit for lunches this week – I’ve made a batch of home ‘baked’ barbecue beans in my pressure cooker and pittas, so will have bean pittas and vegetable sticks some of the days (Dave’s going to have pittas and the bagels remainibg from last week instead of rolls for his sandwiches too). I haven’t made any soup so will have pasta, rice or couscous salads any day I don’t want beans.

Both of us have made a pact to fit in a lot more exercise this week (we are fairly good but have been slacking off lately) so we’re going to try doing healthy snacks as well to make it a really good week. Veg sticks, bananas and almonds for me, crackers (with or without peanut butter), tinned fruit and cashews for him.


Sun 22 – barbeque pork fillet steaks with spiced vegetable rice

Mon 23 Spanish vegetable stew with mash

Tues 24homemade fish fingers, chips and veg

Wed 25 turkey burger (veg burger for me) with chips and salad

Thurs 26mushroom stroganoff with rice and salad

Fri 27 – veggie lasagne and salad

Sat 28 – pasta with spicy tomato sauce and turkey

Spending Update £181.79 / £185

Fruit & veg £5.73
Savers mushrooms 375g 75p
Bananas x5 53p
Harlequin squash £1
Mixed salad 340g £1
Onions x7 65p
Peppers 5pk £1.50
Lemon 30p

Meat & fish £10.45
Back bacon 20 rashers £4
RTC cod pieces 200g 95p
Pork loin steaks 500g £3.75
RTC turkey breast 500g £1.75

Dairy & eggs 99p
Savers butter 99p
Meadow park milk 2ltr 97p

Bread 35p
RTC white rolls x4 35p

General £7.03
Extra virgin olive oil 500ml £1.99
Savers chopped tomatoes x2 62p
Savers tinned pineapple 20p
Black peppercorns £1.89
Savers pasta 32p
Cola x2 £1.20
Savers lasagne 32p
Tomato puree 49p

Household £2.90
Radox bath salts £1.00
Shower gel 79p
Savers kitchen roll 3pk £1.11

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