Mealplan and Spending Update 15/09


Continuing on with the quest to use up freezer food this week, but I also realised that I’ve been slacking off at experimenting in the kitchen, so I decided to add in some new recipes to the mealplan as well.  The beany goulash is new (from Rose Elliot’s Complete Vegetarian) and the spicy veg pancakes are a Gordon Ramsey recipe that I’ve also never tried before (I’m crap at making pancakes usually so keep your fingers crossed for me!).

Dave’s mum is staying for three nights this week so the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night meals are for three people.  I’ll also do a prawn cocktail starter tomorrow and a dessert as well – I wanted to do it for the meal tonight, but have a horrible sore throat so just didn’t feel up to too much cooking.

Oh and I also made bagels for the first time this week and they look fantastic – haven’t tasted them yet but I have high hopes!  Will post the recipe tomorrow.



Sun 15 – spag bol with garlic bread

Mon 16 – prawn cocktail, spicy veg & potato pancakes and syrup sponge puds

Tues 17 – chicken and veg curry with chapattis

Wed 18 – goats cheese pasta and salad

Thurs 19 – veg stirfry (prawns added to Dave’s if there are any left)

Fri 20 – beany goulash with mash

Sat 21 – chicken wings, corn on the cob, salad and wedges

Spending Update (£154.34 / £185)

Fruit & veg £11.16
Florette mixed salad leaves £1
Spinach £1.50
Cucumber 50p
Bananas x6 69p
White potatoes 5kg £3.49
Courgettes 3pk £1
Carrots x10 (2kg) £1.73
RTC strawberries 75p
RTC watercress 50p

Eggs & dairy £7.02
Free range eggs 6pk £1
Anchor spreadable £2
Soured cream 150ml 60p
Whole milk 4pints £1
Smartprice natural yoghurt 45p
Meadow Park milk 2ltr 97p
Elmlea cream £1

Bread £2
Part baked loaves 4pack £1
White toastie bread £1

General £13.24
Discos 6pk x2 £3
Creamed coconut sachets 4pk £1.20
Thai rice noodles £1.50
Smartprice tinned pineapple 27p
Poppy seeds £1.28
Allinson easy bake yeast 98p
Smartprice plain flour 1.5kg 45p
Oxo beef stock cubes 12pk £1
Smartprice bran flakes 88p
Vegetable oil 1ltr £1.25
Mizkan rice vinegar 250ml 98p
Smartprice individual orange juice 3pk 45p

Household £5.10
Dried cat food £1.32
Smartprice tin foil 72p
Dettol antibacterial x2 £2
Toothpaste 39p
Giant kitchen roll 69p

2 thoughts on “Mealplan and Spending Update 15/09

  1. cookbooksanddoggybags

    Lots of yummy things, if they are the pancakes from his ultimate cooking course then the are really easy and absolutely delicious.

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi, yes they were, though I changed them as I used roasted vegetables (swede, potato and carrot) to fill rather than leftover boiled potatoes – wanted to ‘health’ it up a bit with extra vegetables! Agreed that they were easy and a lovely, very different, dinner!


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