Mealplan and Spending Update 08/09


Still on track during this five week month!  I’m on a mission to use up as much from the freezer as possible, mainly because it’s so iced up that we managed to break a drawer door by trying to yank it out!  So a defrost is definitely in the horizon soon.

When I was making the mealplan for this week, I took a look inside the freezer and listed the things needing used up:

  • 2 small fillets value white fish
  • 1 large fillet smoked haddock will be used in the fishcakes
  • 2/3 bag cooked prawns
  • 1 pack smoked salmon used in mini quiches and a sandwich, both for my lunches
  • 1 single portion and 1 double portion raw mince
  • 2x chicken legs used in tonight’s dinner
  • 2x chicken drumsticks
  • 200g cooked, shredded chicken meat
  • 1/2 chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn pie (2 portions) used later on this week
  • A few chicken wings
  • A raw chicken carcass with some meat on and a bag of stripped bones to make stock with
  • Tub concentrated chicken stock – some used in tonight’s dinner
  • Lots of homemade shortcrust pastry trimmings some used for the mini quiches
  • Lots of cooked cannelini and butter beans, and chickpeas as well one bag of butter beans used tonight
  • Several turkey burgers plus one veggie burger
  • 1 portion bean and cabbage soup will get eaten this week
  • several pieces of homemade apple cake and homemade banana bread
  • Cheap and nasty frozen chips
  • 2x cheap and nasty individual pies I bought reduced about a year ago these are getting binned!  I never said I was perfect!
  • Lots of cooked, sliced ham for Dave’s lunch sandwiches some will get used this week
  • Plus the usual peas, sweetcorn, breadcrumbs, homemade bread/rolls and ice that are always in the freezer

What’s catching my attention is A LOT of chicken, mince (we never had the mince and tatties last week as Dave ended up going out for a friend’s birthday), fish and burgers to use up over the next couple of weeks!  It’s hard to use it up quickly when we eat mostly vegetarian meals so I’ll try my best to fit it in over the rest of the month.  I want to get it nice and empty and defrosted so I can stop eating the same things and try out some new stuff!

Instead of making a pot of soup to add to the freezer this week, I had the much better plan to defrost the salmon and some of the pastry and make some very cute mini quiches for lunch (I didn’t defrost enough pastry so some of them were crustless).  Along with the portion of soup in the fridge and the remaining salmon, which I’ll make a much-anticipated sandwich with – not too often I get smoked salmon sandwiches for my lunch, after all! – that’s my lunches sorted.  Other things will be used this week as noted above, and next week we’ll have burgers, mince and something chicken-y on the menu too to get more eaten.


Sun 8 – braised chicken and butter beans with greens and soda bread

Mon 9 – I’m visiting my mum; Dave’ll probably have a pizza

Tues 10 Spanish vegetable stew with rice

Wed 11mac and cheese with broccoliand salad

Thurs 12 – chicken pie with mash and veg

Fri 13 sweetcorn fritters with spicy wedges and salad

Sat 14 – steak and chips for Dave, fishcakes for me, both with salad

Spending Update (£115.82 / £185)

Asda delivery pass £5

Fruit & veg £9.02
Florette salad leaves £1
Smartprice peppers 7pk £1.58
Bananas x4 53p
Lemon 30p
Garlic 4pk £1
Spring greens 500g 75p
Broccoli 335g 60p
Smartprice frozen sweetcorn 1kg 98p
Frozen blueberries 350g £2
Tomato 28p

Meat & fish £8.50
Bacon 6 rashers x3 £4
Large rump steak £4.50

Dairy & eggs £2.97
Free range medium eggs 6pk £1
Whole milk 4pts £1
Meadow park milk 2lt 97p

Bread 59p
Naan breads 2pk 59p

General £15.78
Smartprice tinned mandarins 23p
Smartprice tinned peaches x2 58p
Strong white flour 1.5kg 80p
Granulated sugar 1kg 88p
Tinned tuna x3 £2.94
Tomato puree 200g 48p
Smartprice passata x2 58p
Dried rosemary 84p
Cornflakes 750g £1.74
Cola 4pk x2 £4.30
Cola 65p
Frozen chips 50p
Savers tinned sweetcorn 32p
Savers beans 25p
Potato scones 69p

Household £4.76
Smartprice bio washing liquid £1.60
Smartprice cat litter x2 £3.16

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