Mealplan and Spending Update 02/09/13

Sorry for not posting in a couple of days!  I’ve had a majorly hectic weekend – having to work, having a friend’s birthday and not feeling great on Sunday – so I ended up taking a little time off.  I didn’t even go shopping until today so haven’t had much to post about anyway.

I’ve got Wednesday off work so will be catching up in the kitchen then by doing some baking and soup making.  I’ve kept  the meal plan reasonably simple (I think) but really looking forward to everything this week!  The homemade fish fingers and the veggie quesadillas are both new recipes so we’ll see how they go.

Oh and the custard is for a work shared lunch tomorrow – I’m making apple crumble and a Waldorf salad type thing (have a glut of apples hanging around in the office left from an event so a bit of a bargain for me tbh!).


Sun 1 – turkey burgers with chips (recycled from last week’s plan)

Mon 2 goats cheese spaghetti with salad

Tues 3 – veggie quesadillas with salad

Wed 4 – homemade chicken kiev with veg and potatoes

Thurs 5 – homemade fish fingers with veg and mash

Fri 6 – veggie curry with rice (and chapattis if I can be bothered making them)

Sat 7 – mince and tatties

Spending Update (£69.20 / £185)

This all came from Morrisons, except the reduced salad, wraps and salsa, which Dave got from Tescos so we could have enchiladas instead of chilli and rice, and the mozzarella and milk, which we got yesterday.

Fruit & veg £7.53
Carrots 800g 50p
Onions 750g 50p
Swede 50p
Celery 69p
Asparagus £1.29
Lemons x2 60p
Mixed salad 240g £1.35
Watercress £1
Wild rocket twinpack £1
RTC salad 10p

Dairy £5.34
Red Leicester 285g £1.50
Double Gloucester 285g £1.50
Milk 2ltr £1
Mozzarella x2 £1.34

Meat and fish £6.06
Free range whole chicken 1.5kg £6.06

Bread £1.89
Plain wraps 8pk £1.89

General £6.79
Cola x2 £1
Savers salsa 69p
Tinned tuna £1.09
Savers tinned pineapple 20p
Savers mayonnaise 40p
Savers spaghetti 32p
Ready to eat custard 500g x3 £2.04
Salsa dip £1.05

General £1.47
Food bags 100pk 73p
Savers pads 74p

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