What to do with leftover vegetables

Before I went shopping this week, I pulled out all of the vegetables that were left in the fridge: a few very much past-it carrots, a handful of radishes, two spring onions, a wrinkly green pepper, an onion, a few potatoes, a quarter of a swede, some cherry tomatoes and one and half courgettes.

leftover veg

I wanted to use all of this up without wasting any of it, so the challenge was on!

First off, some of the potatoes and the spring onions made champ for Sunday night’s dinner – there’s nothing more comforting than creamy mash and it was completely delicious.

ham and champ

I made roast ham to go with the champ – preboiling it before glazing and roasting.  Boiling it (which I did in my new pressure cooker) gave me a nice pot of lovely ham stock, which gave me an idea to help use up some of the rest of my veg.

So secondly, I made lentil and vegetable soup, using the swede, carrots, onion and some more potatoes – all I had to add were the lentils (well, not forgetting the ham stock!).  It was delicious and made five portions of really good soup for lunches this week.

lentil and ham soup 2

Finally, I got back in the kitchen today and used up the green pepper, cherry tomatoes, lime and most of the courgette, along with a few store-cupboard ingredients, to make around three portions of veggie chilli – two for dinner on Wednesday and one for lunch one day.  It’s the first time I’ve made chilli with fresh tomatoes instead of tinned and while it’s generally a more expensive way to do it, it saved the fresh ones going to waste.veg chilli

This just leaves the radishes – which I’ll use up in salad over the next week or two – and a bit of courgette, which I’ll chuck into the stir-fry tomorrow.

So what do you do to make sure veg doesn’t go to waste?  Soup’s the classic of course – what else do you make?


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