Spending Update and Mealplan


It’s been a busy weekend, so it was lovely to have the day off work today to do my usual planning, shopping and cooking!    I’m really happy with the mealplan this week – it’s a nice balance between ‘use-it-up’ meals and trying out new things.  The duck’s from the freezer, as are the cooked chickpeas and Thai turkey burgers, plus we had loads of veg left in the fridge for some reason.

As well as making bread and the pasta sauce/chickpea loaf in advance for later in the week, I also got to use my new pressure cooker for the first time today, making the bean and cabbage soup for my lunches this week (recipe coming soon).  The chickpea loaf recipe is from one of my new cookbooks by the way – so I’m definitely making the most of my birthday presents.  Found the pressure cooker way less scary to use than anticipated and the soup was great so very chuffed with it.

I’ve found it seriously difficult to spend money this month ( we just seem to have so much food in – have eaten out/at others’ houses a bit more than normal because of my birthday, maybe that’s partly why?) and we’re currently £25 under the food budget this month.  The new month starts on the 25th, so there’s no more weekend shops in this month either.  I might actually nip in to Morrisons and stock up on some meat and storecupboard stuff with this as I’m worried we’ve run it down so much that next month will be really difficult – I noticed that free range chickens were on offer in Morrisons today so might at least pick up one of those.  Or maybe I should just carry the extra £25 over to next month’s budget?


Sun 18 – out for dinner

Mon 19 – griddled seabass with roasted veg, lemon & coriander rice and salad

Tues 20 – duck and cherry tomato pasta with garlic bread

Wed 21 – chickpea loaf with veg and bread

Thurs 22macaroni cheese with broccoli

Fri 23 – out for dinner

Sat 24Thai turkey burgers with chips and salad

Lunches – butter bean and cabbage soup for me; tuna or ham sandwiches for Dave

Spending Update £150.42 / £175

Fruit & veg £7.59
Cherry tomatoes £1
Braeburn apples 6pk £1.50
Broccoli 50p
Courgettes x2 74p
Bananas x5 66p
Living coriander £1.19
Herb garden salad £1
Living basil £1

Dairy & eggs £2.56
Meadow park milk 2ltr 97p
Free range medium eggs 6pk 97p
Milk 1 pint 62p

Meat & fish £8.05
Fresh seabass fillets x2 £3.98
John West smoked salmon 170g £2.99
RTC smoked haddock £1.05

General £7.92
Savers bran flakes 88p
Cola x6 £3
Savers tinned pineapple 20p
Savers chopped tomatoes x3 93p
Walkers crinkles 6pk £1
Dried haricot beans £1.09
Savers pasta shapes 32p
Part baked loaves 2pk 50p

Household £13.34
Savers cat litter £1.58
Megasoft toilet roll 18pk £2.99
Savers kitchen roll 3pk £1.11
Radox bath salts £1
Dried cat food £1.05
Savers ultra towels 74p
Hair gel 48p
Nivea deodorant £1
Toothpaste 93p
Savers baby wipes 46p
Kitchen roll £1
Antibacterial spray £1

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