New recipe index

Just a short post this evening – I’m knackered from helping give the flat a good clean, making dinner then heading to the gym!  I thought I’d alluded to my new recipe index somewhere here but I can’t see it (haven’t looked too hard so it might be there somewhere) so I wanted to talk more about it here in case anyone’s missed it.

Basically on the normal recipe index I’ve listed all the recipes on the site (well I might have a wee backlog to add in), sorted by type of food.  I thought it’d be useful to have the main meals sorted by price, so started the second index.  You can get to both of these in the left hand sidebar of the site or through the links on this page.

As of yet, the second index is a work in progress and I have lots of recipes to add in, but basically the recipes are split into three sections – Super Frugal (under 75p a head); Frugal (under £1.50 a head) and Treat Meals (over £1.50 a head).

These prices include the whole meal, except maybe where I had a side salad with it but you don’t really need to.  If it’s not obvious what’s included in the pricing, it says next to the recipe link e.g. Black-eye Beans with Spinach and Homemade Bread, 78p (and with a side salad, £1.05).

Hopefully this index will make it really easy for you to find cheap meals if you’re on a strict budget – especially useful for the week before payday, or if you have a couple of expensive meals already planned in for that week.  To allow me to add more meals to this, I’m going to spend some time updating old recipes where I didn’t cost them at the time, and work out the cost now (this is the most boring/time consuming part of writing posts, and I sometimes don’t have time at night to do it – but no more excuses, if I can’t do it on the day I’ll promise to go back and some point from now on!).

sweetcorn fritters

So just for fun – in case you’re wondering what’s the cheapest meal currently in the index?  That would be Sweetcorn Fritters with Spicy Wedges, 39p (and with a side salad, 69p) – even with the side salad it’s still in the Super Frugal category.  So go on – make it one night you’re feeling a bit skint!


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