Mealplan and Spending Update 04/08


Linked in to Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday, as usual.

We seem to have build up a massive supply of food somehow (in spite of reducing the food budget last week!).  We ended last week with a reasonable amount of fruit & veg in (nectarines, a few carrots, a courgette, some peppers, onions, tomatoes, a sweet potato, spinach) and we have a ridiculous amount in the freezer, including two portions of spag bol, cooked chickpeas, bread, cake, some chipolata sausages, mince and about 10 different burgers (some turkey and some veggie).  I’m going to make it my mission over the next couple of weeks to slowly use up what we have in, so we didn’t need much when I went to Morrisons.

II’ve been slacking off at the gym the last couple of weeks (the hot weather has really taken away my motivation to go) and since I want to have a good week for exercise this week, I deliberately made the meal plan to accommodate me getting in later after work.  I’ve been really organised today, making: 12 bread rolls, the dough for wraps (to cook tomorrow), soaked and cooked a pack of butter beans, made a pot of carrot, lentil and ginger soup, four portions of veggie chilli (except for the kidney beans which I forgot to buy, so will grab some tomorrow to add in), 12 chocolate chip muffins, the roast duck for tonight’s dinner and then stock with the bones.  Let’s just say I’m quite tired now (and the freezer is even more full than before so not doing well with emptying that out!).

chocolate chip muffin 2


roast duck

photo (76)


photo 1




Sun 4 – roast duck, creamy mash, green beans and roasted carrot & sweet potato

Mon 5 – veggie fajitas [made the dough for the wraps tonight]

Tues 6 – chorizo and sundried tomato risotto with salad

Wed 7 – spaghetti bolognaise with salad [sauce in freezer]

Thur 8 – veggie chilli with rice [made the chilli today]

Fri 9 – turkey burger for Dave, beanburger for me, with salad, chips & coleslaw [homemade burgers & buns from freezer]

Sat 10 – butter bean, onion & cheddar bake with salad [soaked and cooked the beans today]

Spending (£74.47 / £175)

Fruit & veg £6.42
Bananas x6 78p
Green beans £1
Salad £1
Ginger 100g 24p
Garlic x4 £1
Savers carrots 1kg 59p
RTC white potatoes 2.5kg £1.80

Meat & fish £8.89
Chorizo 200g £2.39
Gressingham duck crown 1kg £6.50

Dairy & eggs £8.61
Grana padano £2.50
Spreadable butter £1.69
Mature cheddar £1.50
Red leicester £1.50
Savers natural yoghurt 45p
Meadow park whole milk 2ltr 97p

General £7.39
Savers salsa 69p
Tinned tuna 89p
Savers peaches 32p
Savers individual orange juice 3pk 45p
Dried haricot beans 500g £1.09
Wheat crunchies 6pk £1.88
Savers bran flakes 88p
Potato scones 6pk 69p
Oven chips 50p

Household £2.05
Dried cat food £1.05
Tampons £1

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