Mealplan and Spending Update 29/07


Sorry about the meal plan being a day late – but I did move it to make room for my Charcoal Challenge barbecue post, so it’s a good excuse!

Kept things quite easy this week as I was completely knackered after spending all of Friday night and Saturday morning in the kitchen getting ready for the barbecue.  We’re going to friends’ for dinner on Saturday and had barbecue leftovers on Sunday, so just five meals to plan this week, and I’m off to visit my mum for one night, so just four meals where we’re both here (Dave’s having one of the many burgers left in the freezer that night because we will be eating burgers for quite some time so he might as well get started!).

Did my shopping at Morrisons this week, though I did pick up a couple of things in Tesco when I bought the barbecue – these fell into last month’s spending and everything else fell into August (I set the target for £175 again as it seemed to work quite well last month).


Sun 28 – barbecue leftovers

Mon 29 – lentil & sweet potato wraps

Tues 30 – Dave’s having a burger

Wed 31 – spaghetti bolognaise and salad

Thurs 1 – homemade pizzas with salad

Fri 2 – some kind of vegetable curry with rice

Sat 3 – having dinner with friends

July Spending (£171.59 / £175)

Tampons £1
Whole milk 4pints £1
Daisy bathroom cleaner 48p
Kitchen roll £1.18

August Spending (£41.11 / £175)

Fruit & veg £6.27
Nectarine punnets x2 £1.50
Bananas x5 63p
Radishes 50p
Savers mushrooms 75p
Peppers 5pk £1.89
Spinach £1

Meat & fish £9.17
Bacon 16 rashers £3.58
Pepperoni £1.59
Beef mince 725g £4

Dairy & eggs £3.46
Baking fat 55p
Meadow park milk 2ltr 97p
Savers mozzarella 55p
Free range eggs 6pk £1.39

General £19.21
Savers cat litter £1.58
Cola x8 £4
Savers chopped tomatoes x4 £1.24
Savers honey 99p
Savers long grain rice 1kg 40p
Strong brown flour 1.5kg £1
Dried butter beans 500g £1.09
Savers spaghetti 19p
Wholegrain mustard 57p
Tinned mackerel in oil 89p
French mustard 57p
Tinned tuna in brine £1.78
Almonds £1.50
Savers individual orange juice 3pk 45p
Oxo beef stock cubes 12pk £1.19
Savers coco pops 83p
McCoys 6pk 94p

Household & Toiletries £3
Alberto Balsam shampoo & conditioner x4 £3

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