Mealplan and Spending Update 21/07


As usual, I’ll enter this into Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday

Can’t believe it’s the last week of July already (I get paid on the 25th so new budget then)! I’ve done OK on my newly-lowered £175 budget, and only have a few days left to go. I actually didn’t buy anything during this week, which must be a record!  Dave’s mum was staying at the start of the week and she left some of her longer-life milk, so we were good all week.

It’s a very ‘low-faff’ mealplan this week because we’re really busy. I’m eating out on Monday (my lovely Nana is coming to visit) and on Wednesday am going out straight after work so will probably take a sandwich, so Dave’s fending for himself a bit. We’re having a barbeque on Saturday which I’ll shop for separately at the end of the week, and we have quite a lot in, so didn’t need much at Morrison’s today.  I’ll probably pick up some milk and maybe another bag of salad and that’s about it, so we should be fine for hitting target this month.


Sun 21 – grilled lemon & mint chicken with couscous and roasted vegetables

Mon 22 – I’m out; pizza and salad for Dave

Tues 23 – tomato and mushroom pasta bake with salad

Wed 24 – probably a sandwich or leftovers for me and maybe some kind of veggie curry for Dave

Thurs 25 – mac and cheese with broccoli and peas

Fri 26 – sausage casserole with rice

Sat 27 – barbeque

Spending (£167.93 / £175)

I’ve also added on the items I forgot the prices for last week – one salad, raspberries and risotto rice

Fruit & veg £8.02
Frozen raspberries x2 £4
Salad leaves x2 £2
Broccoli 290g 72p
Savers mushrooms 375g 75p
Bananas x5 55p

Dairy £3.26
Meadow Park milk 2ltr 97p
Seriously strong cheddar 350g £2.29

General £7.64
Savers bran flakes 88p
Arborio risotto rice £1.05
Savers chopped tomatoes 31p
Savers tinned peaches 32p
Savers tinned pineapple 20p
Savers chocolate 100g x3 90p
Tinned tuna 89p
Savers plain flour 1.5kg 45p
Frozen Dr Oetker pizza £1.25
Savers self-raising flour 1.5kg 45p
McCoys crisps 6pk 94p

Household £3.82
Dried cat food £1.05
Savers cling film 60p
Savers food bags 42p
Shower gel 75p
Loo blues 6pk £1

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