Mealplan and Spending Update 15/07


As usual, I’ve linked up with Mrs M’s mealplanning Monday

Sorry this is a day late – I got the shopping delivered today instead of yesterday since it’s a bank holiday and I was off work!  I didn’t really have time to post yesterday either, as I had a very fun (and amusing) day out with my four lovely bridesmaids, who patiently tried on an enormous number of bridesmaid dresses, followed by cocktails and gossip with the bridemaid-in-chief (AKA my sister), and we were then joined by our other halves for dinner and drinks.  Not very moneysaving (though we had a voucher for the restaurant – Japanese food, mmmm)!

My mealplan was subject to a bit of last minute rejigging as Dave’s mum came down to visit unexpectedly, since she sadly had a funeral to go to.  She very kindly brought down some gorgeous dinner for us, for the two days she’s staying, so there’s extra ingredients from the shopping this week that we won’t use – we’ll make sure to use them next week though so it’s all good!  She also brought me down a kilo tub of sundried tomatoes to match my catering size tub of dried mushrooms, so I’m all pleased and will definitely get some sun-dried tomato-based meals in the plan next week.

I’ve had a really productive day off and made a loaf of seeded bread, 6 gorgeous soft rolls (will blog the recipe as really chuffed with them), 16 days worth of cooked gammon for sandwiches (which I’ve frozen), 7 portions of lentil soup (using the liquid the gammon was cooked in as ham stock) and 4 1/2 jars of raspberry jam.

gammon 2


raspberry jam


sliced bread


lentil and ham soup




Sun 15 – out for dinner with my sister & her fiancé

Mon 16 & Tues 17 – Dave’s mum brought us dinner

Wed 18 – roasted veg penne arrabiata with salad

Thurs 19 – onion tart with roasted veg and nice bread

Fri 20 – sausage casserole with potatoes

Sat 21 – veggie egg fried rice followed by apple pie

Spending (£148.01 / £175)

I also bought 500g arborio risotto rice, 2 packs of frozen raspberries and a bag of salad in Morrisons, but I’ve lost the receipt – will check the prices next time I pass and add to next week’s update.

Delivery £4.50

e-Coupons -£1.25

Fruit & veg £8.89
Salad leaves £1
E'day value frozen peas 900g 89p
Bramley apples x3 £1.09
Bananas x6 79p
Sweet potatoes x2 £1.27
Apples 6pk £2
E'day value parsnips 750g 90p
E'day value carrots 1.5kg 95p

Meat & fish £9.49
Gammon joint 1.3kg £7.49
RTC chicken breasts 4pk £2

Dairy & eggs £4.21
Baking fat 55p
Tesco spreadable butter £1.69
Creamfields whole milk 4 pints £1
Meadow Park whole milk 2ltr 97p

General £15.06
Vegetable oil 1ltr £1.25
East End ground cumin 100g 50p
East End crushed chilli 75g 50p
East End paprika 100g 50p
East End ground coriander 50p
Granulated sugar 1kg 99p
E'day value spaghetti 19p
Extra virgin olive oil 1ltr £3
E'day value chopped tomatoes 31p
Cola x8 £4
East End red split lentils 2kg £2
Walkers crisps 6pk £1
e'day value peaches 32p

Household £5.83
E'day value cat litter £1.58
Enrituals washing liquid 25 washes £1
Whiskas indoor cat food £1.36
Tesco women's deodorant 200ml £1
Tesco handwash 89p

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