Mealplan and Spending Update 07/07


Well, it’s been a funny week.  We ended up eating out twice and getting a takeaway once – so unusual for us!  On Wednesday, my little sister graduated, so we celebrated with a big family meal, courtesy of my lovely parents, and on Friday night we met some friends we’ve not seen for a wee while for a drink after work, and ended up staying out for dinner.

As for the takeaway, we spent all of Saturday painting, because we’re redecorating most of our flat!  It’s quite exciting as most of it hasn’t been painted since Dave moved in ten years ago.  Dave’s keen to move soon – after the wedding we’re going to look at buying somewhere – but we live in a housing association flat with incredibly low rent, so it just doesn’t make sense to move into a private rent.  We managed to persuade the housing association to do some repairs and plaster work that desperately needed done, so it was the perfect opportunity to freshen the place up to make us feel better about staying put a bit longer.  Needless to say, we’re doing it on the cheap, having bought a lot of the paint with B&Q vouchers and moving furniture and paintings around rather than buying new ones.  I might do a post on redecorating money saving if you’ll forgive me the digression from food for a day!

Anyway, we were completely knackered from painting all day and we were both going out after dinner, so it was much easier to grab a takeaway curry.  have to say it was utterly delicious and a really nice treat since we so rarely eat takeaway food.  To save money, we always get a meal deal for one, which includes a curry, naan, pakora, poppadoms and spiced onions, then order an extra portion of rice and it’s perfect between the two of us – we sometimes still have leftovers so there’s really no point getting two curry sauces.  I tend to order a vegetable dhansak with boiled rice, which feels vaguely healthier due to the veggies and lentils and it’s one of my favourites anyway.

Anyway, we have no meals out planned for next week (yet!) so we should be in every night.  With the shopping in now, I think the only thing we’ll need before next Sunday are milk and salad.  Hopefully so, since we’re trying to stick to a newly lowered budget of £175 for the month.


Sun 7 – sushi and miso soup, with spicy prawns for Dave*

Mon 8 – toad in the hole with veg

Tues 9 – tapas (spiced chickpeas, patatas bravas and artichoke salad, with olives)

Wed 10 – mushroom and pea pasta with garlic bread

Thurs 11 – chilli con carne with rice

Fri 12 – battered fish with chips and peas

Sat 13 – burger for Dave; risotto for me

*recycled from last week’s menu as we didn’t have it then.

Spending Update (£101.28 / £175)

Fruit & veg £7.96
Savers onions 1kg  49p
Savers mushrooms 375g 75p
Bananas x6 60p
Pears x4 £1.50
Carrots x8 58p
Garlic x4 £1
Lemons 6pk £1.29
Salad leaves £1
Fresh chillies 4pk 50p
Garlic 25p

Meat & fish £6.68
Outdoor bred pork sausages 2 packs (1 thick sausages, the other chipolatas) £5
Savers frozen white fish 500g £1.68

Dairy & eggs £3.38
Whole milk 4 pints £1.29
Soured cream 60p
Free range eggs medium 6pk £1.39

Bread 61p
RTC brown loaf 400g x2 16p
E'day Value Partbaked loaves 2pk 45p

General £8.81
Granulated sugar 1kg 88p
Savers tinned peaches 29p
Tinned tuna x2 £1.78
Jar pimiento olives 99p
Jar artichoke hearts £1.75
Savers coco snaps 83p
Savers pasta 30p
Savers chocolate 100g x2 60p
Savers individual orange juice 3pk 45p
McCoys crisps 6pk 94p

Household £7.74
Toothpaste 93p
Muffin cases 75pk 89p
Shower gel 75p
Tampons £1
Toilet roll 18pk £2.99
Savers kitchen roll £1.18

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