Mealplan and Spending Update 01/07/13

Got my receipt emailed over from Asda, so here’s my mealplan and spending update post – sorry it’s a day late!



Sun – roast gammon with roasted carrot, onion and potato, and homemade apple sauce

Mon – sweetcorn fritters with spicy potato wedges, salad and yoghurt

Tues – vegetable fajitas

Wed – out for dinner to celebrate my sister’s graduation

Thurs – roasted veg arrabiata with salad

Fri – might be having dinner with friends; otherwise Spanish veg & bean stew

Sat – vegetarian sushi, miso soup and spicy king prawns

Spending Update (£66.10 / £175)

Spent around £15 at Morrisons last Tuesday (marked M), then the rest came from Asda delivery yesterday.  By the way, I can’t remember if I mentioned before, but I’ve reduced the target for July to £175 instead of my usual £185, as it’s only a four weekend month.  Wish me luck!

Delivery £4

Fruit & veg £16.35
Leaf salad 200g £1.35 M
Apples x3 71p M
Lemons x4 £1 M
Spinach £1.35 M
Savers onions 1kg 49p M
Mixed chillies 50p M
Bananas x4 46p
Leaf salad 110g £1
Frozen smartprice sweetcorn 98p
Bananas x6 68p
Smartprice peppers £1.58
Bramley apples x2 64p
Smartprice apples 5pk 84p
White potatoes 2.5kg £2
Courgettes 3pk £1
Garlic 25p
Green beans 240g £1
Carrots x9 52

 Meat & fish £9.15
Minced beef 500g £2.79 M
Unsmoked gammon joint 750g £3.50
Frozen cooked & peeled king prawns 240g £2.86

Dairy £4.01
Me*dow P*rk milk 2lt 97p M
Smartprice soft cheese 61p
Smartprice butter 98p
Whole milk 4pints £1.00
Smartprice natural yoghurt 45p

General £24.25
Oxo cubes veg £1.16 M
Cola x2 £1 M
Savers chopped tomatoes x3 93p M
Crisps 6pk £1.55 M
Savers individual orange juice cartons 3pk 45p M
Walkers crisps 6pk £1
Smartprice dark chocolate 100g x3 90p
Salsa 88p
Old El Pasa Jalapenos £1.38
Smartprice tinned peaches 32p
Allinson easy bake yeast 100g 98p
Strong white flour 1.5kg 80p
Strong brown flour 1.5kg £1.28
Tinned tuna 98p
Dried chickpeas 500g 95p
Smartprice chopped tomatoes x4 £1.24
Smartprice mayonnaise 40p
Garam masala 92g 98p
Ground coriander 34g 71p
Smartprice ketchup 18p
Balsamic vinegar 250ml £1
Smartprice bran flakes 750g 88p
Cola 4pk x2 £4.30

Household £8.34
Savers washing up liquid 34p M
Asda recycled binbags 50pk £4.49
Smartprice toothbrushes 4pk 35p
Smartprice cat litter x2 £3.16

2 thoughts on “Mealplan and Spending Update 01/07/13

    1. Jess Post author

      Thank you! I’m still attempting to use up some of the stuff that’s been lurking in the cupboards/freezer – hence the sushi on Saturday! Some of our favourites in here though 🙂


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