New kitchen toys!

I’m postponing my usual ‘Sunday Spending’ post until tomorrow, because my Asda delivery driver didn’t give us a receipt today and I’m waiting to get one sent over before I can write the post.  Quite annoyed by this!  Instead, here’s a post about some great new kitchen goodies I got this weekend.  Please note, this is not a sponsored post and I bought and paid for this stuff myself.

Following on from my post a few weeks ago about some of my favourite kitchen gadgets and tools, I started thinking about doing a list of things I really wanted.  I’ll post that in a week or two, but meanwhile, I actually picked up a few things on my list this weekend (and quite cheaply too), so wanted to share them with you.

First of all, I ordered a new digital scale from Amazon last week.  I had one already, but it stopped working properly and the readings weren’t accurate, so I had to get a new one.  I bake a lot so it’s really an essential, and it was only about a tenner and had free delivery.


I went to visit my grandparents in Aberdeen this weekend and we went into Dunelm Mill, which I’ve never been to before.  It”s basically a homeware shop filled with all sorts of cheap stuff, and I managed to get a few of the things on my list:

New loaf tin – my old one is still fine but I’ve started making the bread for Dave’s sandwiches as well as my own lunches, so need to make two loaves a week.  Cost – £1.99.

loaf tin

Tiny tupperwares.  Dave can’t eat fresh fruit but he can eat tinned.  I didn’t want to buy the little tins that cost more, so there small tubs are for decanting big value tins into, again for his lunches.  Think they were 50p each.


Deep muffin tin.  I only had a shallow one before.  cost about £5, and the only thing I didn’t have in mind before I walked into the shop – but it will be handy.

muffin tin

Pie dish.  This was only £1.99 and means I can stop making pies in my sandwich tins.

pie dish

But the best bargain of the weekend didn’t come from Dunelm Mills – it came from my grandparents’ cupboards.  My Nana’s not really into cooking (in fact they eat out a lot as they have a more active social life than I do!), so she’s got some kitchen stuff she’s collected over the years that she hasn’t got a use for any more.  An electric slicer has been at the very top of my wishlist for a while. so I was delighted when she unearthed an electric knife for me to take away.


I’ve tried it out already (we had roast gammon tonight and I also baked two loaves of bread) and it’s great for making much thinner slices that I could make by hand.  A sneaky way of stretching meat is slice it more thinly, especially if you’re going to use it for sandwiches, so I’m  really happy with my free new toy!

What’s your favourite thing you’ve got for your kitchen recently?  Where do you go to get stuff like this cheap?  Have you ever had an especially good hand-me-down?


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