Mealplan and Spending Update 24/06


As usual I’ve linked up with Mrs M’s Mealplanning Monday.

Store-cupboard week went well!  So well that I decided to do an inventory of what we had left in before I made the meal plan this week (inspired by Frugal Queen who’s done so lately).  The new budget starts on Tuesday, when I’ll pick up a few bits to do the week, but as we’re going away for the weekend, I’m not going to stock up again until we get a delivery next Sunday.

I really don’t stock up too much since the flat’s so small but doing the inventory made me aware of some things that have been hanging around for ages that I want to try and use up this month.


(You can read the inventory by clicking on the picture above to enlarge it)

As well as what’s listed above, I have almost every spice you can imagine.  Obviously there’s not enough food to live off but I’m going to try and use up some of the stuff before the end of July – this will make space in the cupboards and hopefully save us a bit of cash as well.  Obviously some of the stuff will be replaced when it’s used up, but better to use it up before it needs thrown out and then rotate it with new ingredients as needed.

Since I’m not going shopping until Tuesday, I made my mealplan to reflect that.  The stirfry I made tonight was so good and used the chicken thighs from the freezer.  I also made a summery soup of cannelini beans, courgette, the homemade pizza sauce (it’s just passata with dried herbs really) and frozen peas, along with a loaf of seedy wholemeal bread, both for my lunches this week.


Sun 23 – Szechuan-inspired chicken stir-fry with noodles and vegetables

Mon 24mac and cheese with roasted peppers and peas

Tues 25 – Greek spinach and black eye bean stew with homemade bread and salad

Wed 26chilli con carne with wraps and cheese

Thurs 27 – channa dal curry with rice and broccoli

Fri 28 – AWAY

Sat 29 – AWAY

Spending Update (£184.21 / £185)

Whole milk 4 pints £1.49
Tampons £1
Bananas x4 48p
Alberto Balsam conditioner £1
Bulb of garlic 30p

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