Mealplan and Spending Update 09/06

Can’t believe it’s Sunday again already!  The mealplan is very unadventurous this week – we’re having workmen in to plaster some of the rooms in our flat this week, so we wanted to plan easy, no-fuss meals.  Next week’s will hopefully be more exciting, as Dave’s mum is coming to stay for a few days so we’ll want to do a couple of nice meals.

We’re a bit ahead of where I’d like to be budget-wise this month – there are two more Sundays before I get paid, so two shopping days.  As there’s only £40 left in the budget I’ll try to make up mealplans next week using up everything we have in – if I succeed I’ll post about it in case this is useful for anybody!  As I tend to stock up at the start of the month, the ends are always a bit tight, but it’s really hard to keep on track during a ‘five-weekend’ month like this one.

tomato tart


Sun 9 – tomato and goats cheese tart with salad

Mon 10 – beef and mushroom stir fry with noodles

Tues 11 – vegetable chilli with rice

Wed 12 – chicken Caesar salad

Thurs 13cheesy pasta with peas and broccoli

Fri 14 – tuna mayo & sweetcorn baked potatoes

Sat 15 – I’m visiting my mum; Dave’s mum’s coming to visit us for a few days so not sure what they’ll have yet tonight

Spending Update (£146.05/£185)

SmartPrice Logo

Only bought milk and the pizza during the week; everything else came from the Asda delivery today.  No substitutions or problems with this one so I’m very pleased.  Though i accidentally ordered ‘share’ size bags of crisps rather than multipacks – the perils of ordering online!

Delivery £4

Fruit & veg £9.80
Beansprouts 310g 50p
Salad leaves £1
Baby gem lettuce hearts x4 £1
Smartprice peppers 5pk £1.65
Salad tomatoes 6pk £1
Bananas x6 83p
Smartprice apples 4pk 98p
Baking potatoes 4pk £1.10
Courgettes 3pk £1
Broccoli 370g 74p

Meat & fish £10.06
Free range corn fed chicken 2kg £10.06

Dairy & eggs £8.63
Meadow Park milk 2ltr 97p
Mature cheddar 500g £2.83
Goats cheese 120g £1.28
Country life spreadable butter 500g £2.00
Best for baking 250g 55p
Whole milk 4pts £1

Bread £1
Large white rolls 6pk £1

General £15.11
Pizza £3
Asda salt & vinegar crisps 150g x2 £2
Blue Dragon soy sauce 375ml £1.58
Brown bread flour 1.5kg £1.28
Smartprice chopped tomatoes 31p
Smartprice red kidney beans x2 54p
Smartprice individual orange juices 3pk 45p
Smartprice bran flakes 750g 88p
Smartprice crispy rice cereal 440g 77p
Asda cola4pk x2 £4.30

Household £8.76
Smartprice food bags 100pk 73p
Tie handle bin bags 10pk £1
Smartprice wax furniture polish 38p
Fresh blue foam bath 1 litre 70p
Fresh blue shower gel 500ml 79p
Alberto balsam coconut shampoo £1
Sensitive shave gel £1
Smartprice cat litter x2 £3.16

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