Mealplan and Spending Update 03/06

After thinking last week about Sainsburys, and how I’d always dismissed them as really expensive, I decided I’d better give them another shot now I’m happy to use Basics/value ingredients.  Also, Dave picked a Jamie Oliver beef salad meal for one meal this week, and the recipe features pickled ginger and rice noodles.  I’m fond of my local Morrisons but it’s always been a let-down in the exotic ingredients department so it seemed as good a time as any to head to Sainsburys.

I found it such a stressful experience that I genuinely had put my basket down and leave (clutching the rump steak, which I did buy there as it was on offer) to go to Morrisons.  EVERY SINGLE ITEM I picked up was more expensive than Morrisons.  For example: cheapest onions in Morrisons, 49p / kilo.  Cheapest onions in Sainsbury’s: around 90p/kilo.  Basics salad leaves £1, normal ones £1.50.  ‘Normal’ salad leaves in Morrisons £1, Savers ones 40-oddp.  I could go on and on.  I spent under £25 in Morrisons and I am completely sure that it would be have been around £10 more if I’d got it all in Sainsbury’s (to be fair, my local Sainsbury’s isn’t very big, so maybe there would have been a better range of cheap products at a bigger one).

As they don’t sell pickled ginger in my local Morrisons, I did a bit of googling and it turns out that it’s ridiculously simple to make so there’s now a jar sitting in my fridge – will blog about this later on in the week.  If it’s good I’m always going to make my own as it costs £2.75 a pack and yet fresh root ginger is super cheap.


Sun 2 – Chinese chicken curry with egg-fried rice

Mon 3 – hummous, pittas and salads

Tues 4 – Asian-style beef salad

Wed 5 – root vegetable casserole with cheesy dumpling

Thurs 6 – lentil moussaka with salad

Fri 7 – I’m out – not sure what Dave will have yet

Sat 8 – out for dinner

Spending Update (£88.69 / £185)

Only picked up the corn on the cob and bin bags this week, so was good in between shops.  Everything came from Morrisons, except the bin bags, which came from the local corner shop (yeah, we ran out, no-one can be super organised all the time, right?!)

Fruit & veg £9.99
Savers onions 1kg 49p
Swede 71p
Parsnips x2 (445g) 66p
Aubergine £1
Round lettuce 57p
Spring onions 75p
Radishes 50p
Rocket leaves 80p
Romaine lettuce £1.00
Bananas x6 82p
Living coriander £1
Pre-cooked corn on the cob 2pk £1.69

Meat & fish £5
Rump steak 475g £5

Dairy & eggs £1.52
Meadow park milk 2ltrs 97p
Baking fat 55p

Bread £1
White rolls x12 £1

General £12.58
Savers tuna x3 £1.77
Savers honey 99p
Vegetable oil 1ltr £1.35
Strong white flour 1.5kg 80p
Tinned mackerel in oil 89p
Sunflower seeds 250g £1.85
Cashews 200g £2
Amoy straight to wok rice noodles £1.49
Dried bay leaves 75p
Dried oregano 69p

Household £2.72
Savers kitchen roll £1.23
Bin bags x10 £1.49

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