Mealplan and Spending Update 27/05


I’ve linked up with Mrs M’s Mealplanning Monday

I got my Tesco delivery today instead of the usual Sunday, because we spent yesterday having a lovely afternoon with my parents, my sister and her fiancé.  I’m not that happy with our delivery actually – it was an hour late (to be fair, this is pretty unusual) and the 50g bag of cumin you’ll see below was advertised as being 100g (it says this on my receipt too so I am going to complain).

Apart from this I had a good day, taking advantage of the bank holiday and getting organised for the week:

chicken stock

1 1/2 litres chicken stock…

cooked chicken

…and 220g cooked chicken.

split pea soup

Curried split pea and coriander soup

brown bread

A loaf of brown bread

ham sandwiches

Two days of ham and pickle sandwiches for Dave

garlic chilli veg curry

Garlic chilli veg curry (recipe coming soon)

Looking at my mealplan below for this week, it’s obvious that it’s just post-payday – all the meals will work out quite pricey, with main ingredients like halloumi, steak and free-range chicken.  I think we were both in need of some treats though after eating out of the cupboards and freezers all of last week!


Sun 26 – dinner at my parents’ house

Mon 27 – garlic chilli vegetable curry with homemade naans and riata

Tues 28 – sliced griddled steak, ratatouille and potatoes

Wed 29 – halloumi and vegetable kebabs with salad and rice salad

Thurs 30 – tomato and mascarpone pasta with roasted vegetables

Fri 31pizzas with salad

Sat 1 – southern fried chicken with corn on the cob, chips and salad

May Spending (£177.92 / £185)

Whole milk 2ltr 97p
Salad leaves 80p
Whiskas cat treats £1
RTC toastie sliced loaf 15p

June Spending (£55.88 / £185)

Delivery £3.50

Fruit & veg £11.80
Fresh spinach 200g £1
Salad leaves x2 £2.50
Closed cup mushrooms x6 48p
Fresh coriander 31g 80p
E'day value peppers 6pk £1.35
E'day value lemons 5pk 49p
E'day value carrots 1.5kg (30pk) 92p
E'day value garlic 3pk 49p
E'day value courgettes 1kg (4pk) £1.60
Fun sized apples 9pk £1.40
Bananas x6 77p

Meat & fish £7.14
Fillet steak 250g £4.50 (subbed for a sirloin)
E'day value ham 400g £1.65
Pepperoni 150g 99p

Dairy & eggs £10.53
Mozzarella 150g - free in cheese 3 for 2 offer
Mascarpone 250g £1.50
Cathedral city mature cheddar 350g £2.25
E'day value natural yoghurt 45p
Tesco spreadable butter 500g £1.69
Halloumi 250g £2.25
Creamfields whole milk 4 pints £1
Free range eggs x6 £1.39

General £16.40
E'day value spaghetti 19p
E'day value tinned tuna x2 £1.60
Yellow split peas 500g 49p
Cannellini beans 500g £1.09
E'day value chopped tomatoes x4 £1.24
Tesco cola x8 £4
E'day value coco snaps 83p
McCoys 6pk x2 £1.88
Pistachio nuts in shell 250g £2.40
Ocean spray dried cranberries 150g £1
Bevelini passata 50p
Indus ground cumin 50g 59p
Indus madras curry powder 100g 59p

Household/Other £6.51
Dried cat food 2.25kg £2.79
E'day value cat litter £1.58
E'day value hair gel 15p
Spring force toilet roll 9pk £1.99

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