Spending update 28/04

Well it’s been a busy week, and I’ve spent quite a bit out of the new budget already!  We had some friends over for dinner on Friday night and had to get loads of things in to make a feast of pittas, hummous, tandoori chicken, roasted veg, salad, coleslaw and more.  Was worth all the effort – we had a lovely night and have been snacking on the leftovers all weekend.  I did make profiteroles for the first time for dessert, but have to say these didn’t rise properly – they were delicious though so will definitely try them again.


photo (61)

Sun 28 – roasted tomato & goats cheese quiche with leftover salady bits

Mon 29th – Dave having pizza; I’m out

Tues 30th – we have a wedding caterer tasting so are out in the evening again

Wed 1st – mac & cheese with broccoli and salad

Thurs 2nd – chilli con carne with rice

Fri 3rd – spicy chicken wings with corn on the cob and salad

Sat 4th – penne arrabiata

April Spending (184.11/£185)

Finished off April on the 24th with a couple of spends but came in a sliver under budget.

£1.74 2kg sugar
£1.98 Morrisons instant coffee

May Spending (£70.17/£185)

Got this in a couple of trips, mostly from Morrisons, but also went to an Indian & an African grocers for the spices/chana dal and a greengrocers for the cheap peppers, lemons and limes.  Still need to get corn on the cobs for Friday’s dinner.

Fruit & veg £15.22 
Courgettes x2 77p
Peppers x3 £2.37
Garlic x4 £1.00
1/2 white cabbage 55p
Red onions x2 27p
Salad x4 £3.60
Fresh olives in herbs 73p
Lemon 35p
Savers onions 1kg 49p
Carrots 720g 65p
Bananas x6 77p
Broccoli £1.11
Peppers x3 99p
Lemons x5 99p
Limes x2 58p

Meat & fish £9.65
Free range chicken breasts x4 £8.52
RTC Lorne sausage 13p
Honey roast ham £1.00

Dairy & eggs £12.59
Milk 2pints 89p
Milk 4 pints £1.49
Double cream 600ml £1.65
Savers butter 99p
Greek yoghurt £1.00
Pilgrims choice cheddar 350g £1.99
Single cream 300ml 95p
Goats cheese £1.60
Baking fat 55p
Free range eggs x6 £1.48

Bread products £1.00
Soft white rolls x12 £1.00

General £24.53
Hot chilli powder 95p
Cayenne pepper 95p
Pistachio kernals £2.09
Chickpeas x2 £1.40
Savers mayonnaise 42p
Basmati rice 500g £1.09
Dark chocolate 200g £1.15
Black mustard seeds 100g 69p
Chana dal 500g 99p
Amchoor powder 100g £1.29
Morrisons cola x6 £3.00
Almonds £1.50
Savers tuna x4 £2.36
Savers kidney beans 27p
Savers tomatoes 31p
Savers peaches 29p
Savers frozen peas 89p
Savers pasta 30p
Extra virgin olive oil 500ml £1.99
Cannelini beans 50p
Black eye beans 50p
Savers cocoa pops 83p
Dr Oetker pizza £1.29
Passata 44p
Wheat crunchies x6 94p

Household & toiletries £7.18
Savers kitchen roll £1.23
Cat litter £1.58
Savers foil 72p
Savers washing liquid £1.60
Dried cat food £1.05
Toothbrushes x2 50p
Toothpaste 50p

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