Fudgey chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream


I’m not well today!  I have a sore throat and am cuddled up on the sofa under a duvet, having just enjoyed some comfort food in the form of a bolognaise pasta bake cooked by my lovely fiancé.  Since I haven’t made anything today, I wanted to share with you this recipe for a foolproof chocolate cake.

I know, I know, I said that I don’t bake many cakes and then bake three in three weeks.  In fairness, most of the mincemeat apple cake is still in the freezer, and the other two cakes were for birthdays!

This cake was baked for Dave’s brother and sister’s birthday but I’ve made it loads before.  It’s originally a BBC recipe and the only change I make is to skip the vanilla extract.  I also like to ice it with chocolate buttercream because I’m not keen on ganache.

Chocolate cake (serves 12 big slices or 16 smaller ones)

cake 2

  • 225g plain flour 7p
  • 350g caster sugar 37p
  • 85g cocoa powder 78p
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 7p
  • 1 1/2tsp bicarb of soda 5p
  • 2 free-range eggs 48p
  • 250ml milk 17p
  • 125ml vegetable oil 37p

For the icing:

  • 110g butter, softened 36p
  • about 150-185g icing sugar, sifted 34p
  • 50g cocoa powder or so 46p

Preheat the oven to 180C and well-grease two sandwich tins.  the next bit is easy – put all the ingredients for the cake into a big bowl and whisk (which is much easier if you use an electric whisk).

Add 250ml of boiling water slowly, and mix in well.  Divide between the two tins and bake for around 30 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.  Let cool for a few minutes then remove (carefully) from the tin and cook on a wire rack.

To make the icing, cut the butter up into small cubes.  Add in about 110g of the sugar, mix well, then add a bit more at a time until it’s the consistency you like.  Sift in the cocoa powder, again a bit at a time, until it tastes chocolatey enough (this isn’t really a scientific process as you can see).

Ice one of the cakes, pop the other one on top, then cover that in icing too.  I decorated with hundreds and thousands and sugar stars.

£2.36 for the cake and £1.16 for the icing or 30p per slice when sliced into 12.


4 thoughts on “Fudgey chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

  1. Two Cheeky Monkeys

    ooh, what a great recipe. I was thinking how I’d like to make something chocolately but don’t have much in the baking cupboard – however I do have all the ingredients for the sponge cake, and it looks super easy to make too, yay! (don’t have any butter but I’m not a fan of icing / buttercream anyway). Hope you feel better soon – maybe some cake will help? 😀

    1. Jess Post author

      Ah sadly we had it at the weekend and I left all the leftover cake with the birthday boy & girl – seemed only polite! It’s a great cake, I’ve never had it without icing but I suppose you could just dust some icing sugar over? It is really easy!

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