Mealplan and Spending Update 21/04/13

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My April budget ends this week, as I get paid on Thursday.  Just as well given I have less than £5 left.  I shouldn’t have to buy anything but coffee until Friday so keep your fingers crossed I stay in budget!

Given how little I had left to spend, I’ve only mealplanned and shopped for meals until Thursday night – we’ll get a few nice treats for the weekend to welcome in the new month.  Is anyone else really freaked out that it’s nearly May by the way??

5 Day Mealplan

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Sun 21/04 – leftover chicken pie with mustard mash, carrots, greens & gravy

Mon 22/04 – vegetable fajitas

Tues 23/04 – some kind of vegetable curry with rice & red cabbage

Wed 24/04 – bolognaise pasta bake with salad

Thurs 25/04 – Spanish vegetable stew with couscous & red cabbage

Lunches – tuna sandwiches or tinned soup for Dave along with a bag of crisps; lentil or tomato & bean soup from the freezer for me with homemade bread and fruit, or any leftovers that are floating about for either of us

Spending Update (new total £180.39/£185)

This was bought over several shopping trips in the last week, the biggest today.  This month’s budget ends when I get paid on Thursday.

Dairy & eggs (£7.47):
Milk 2pints 89p
Free range eggs x6 £1.47
Lurpak spreadable 500g £1.98
Milk 4pints £1.49
Savers red leicester £1.64

Fruit & veg (£5.66):
Savers stirfry mix 50p
Savers onions 1kg 49p
Bananas x6 67p
Peppers 4pk £1.89
Leafy salad £1.29
Savers apples 7pk 82p

Bread (£1):
White rolls x12 £1

General (£5.77):
Jalapeño peppers £1
Cocoa powder £2.05
Tinned butter beans 70p
Savers tuna x2 £1.16
Savers cocoa pops 83p

Toiletries & Household (£1.50):
Shaving foam £1
Morrisons toothpaste 50p

2 thoughts on “Mealplan and Spending Update 21/04/13

    1. bluegreen143 Post author

      Thank you! You should definitely give it a go, I actually find working to a budget pretty rewarding as it makes it into a fun challenge to make delicious healthy meals with less money (can you tell I’m competitive by nature??) – plus you get all the extra cash to spend elsewhere of course!


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