Grocery Challenge Update 07/04/13

April Grocery Challenge Spends to Date – £93.18

05/04 Mr Chilli went to Morrison's after work:
Pizza £1.50
Value salad 49p
07/04 Went to Morrison's to get weekly shop:
Morrison's tinned soup x5  £2
Whole milk 4pt £1.49
Tinned tuna 89p
Saver's salsa 69p
Saver's yoghurt 500ml  45p
Morrison's hair gel 48p
Savers onions 1kg 49p
Strong white flour 1.5kg 80p
Morrisons tampons £1
Saver's mushrooms 75p
Savers butter 99p
Passatta 44p
Radishes 50p
Bananas x6 84p
Seriously strong cheddar £2.46
Ginger 55g 12p
Tomato puree 49p
Blue Dragon medium noodles £1.29
Savers jaffa cakes 40p
Broccoli 315g 78p
Mixed peppers (4 pack) £1.79
Morrison's mozzarella 83p (no value left)
Pepperoni 120g £1.50
Spring onions 50p
Pak choi £1.00
Bagged salad x2 £2
Savers cocoa pops 83p

Meal plan

Su – vegetable fajitas with cheese and yoghurt

M – macaroni cheese with broccoli and salad

Tu – chinese chicken curry with egg fried rice

W – mushroom stroganoff with potatoes and veg

Th – chilli con carne meatballs with rice

F –  calzones with salad

Sa – Mr Chilli is out and I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet

So how did I come up with the meal plan?  I’ll do a more in-depth post on this soon, but first of all I looked at what I had in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.  I had wraps, cooked shredded chicken, mince and mushroom stroganoff in the freezer; green peppers, an egg, cabbage and half a courgette in the fridge; and most of the staples such as pasta,  potatoes and chopped tomatoes in already.  I always plan two meat meals a week, and one where Mr Chilli can have meat and I can have veg or fish (that’s the calzones this week), and try and get a balance of different carb types (potatoes, pasta, rice and bread).  I also try at least one new recipe a week – this week, it’s the chinese curry and the meatballs.

So what do you do to mealplan?  Do you follow a structure to make the process easier?


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