Grocery Challenge Weekly Round-Up 17/03/13

Today we had a big Asda delivery, which added £54.76 to our monthly total – and that was with delivery costs paid for with a £5 voucher we got after complaining about a problem last time.

While this is more than I’d have liked to have spent, we were stocking up on some items, like toilet roll. The only thing that wasn’t delivered was aubergines, which I’d wanted to make Jamie Oliver’s Quick Lamb Tagine – but I think I’ll just sub in courgettes since I’ve got loads of veg in now. I did forget washing up liquid and mayonnaise, which I’ll buy from Morrisons during the week along with value cocoa pops for Mr Chilli’s breakfasts (Asda don’t sell them).

Grocery Spending (new total – £134.12)

Gala apples 6 pack - £1.25
Smartprice chopped tomatoes x3 - 93p
McCoys crisps 6 pack - £1
Asda toothpaste - 39p
Sanex deodorant - £2
Toilet roll 16 pack - £6.00
Smartprice cistern blocks 2 pack 30p
Asda floor cleaner - £1
Smartprice pasta shapes - 30p
Smartprice bourbons - 23p
Granulated sugar - 88p
Asda tuna in brine - 97p
Asda couscous - 68p
Dried oregano 25g - 92p
Whole black peppercorns 200g - £2.38
Smartprice individual orange juices 3 pack - 45p
Smartprice bran flakes - 88p
Asda babyleaf salad x3 - £2.00
Free range whole chicken 1.7kg - £6.77
Asda halloumi - £2.00
Asda ham 125g - £1
Country life spreadable butter - £2.00
Smartprice salted butter - 98p
Creme fraiche 300ml - £1.10
Whole milk 4 pints - £1.00
Smartprice natural yoghurt 500g - 45p
Smartprice mushrooms - £1.49
Smartprice mixed peppers - £1.77
Asda fresh tomatoes 750g - 1.00
Loose bananas x6 - 65p
Loose courgettes x3 - £1.01
Green beans 240g - £1.00
Smartprice frozen sweetcorn - 98p
Smartprice white loaf - 50p
Asda cola x8 - £4.30
Smartprice cat litter x2 - £3.20
Face wipes 60 pack - £1.00
Delivery - £0 (was £5 but we had a £5 voucher which I used to pay it)

What will we do with it?

Breakfasts – bran flakes with milk for me, cocoa pops with milk for Mr Chilli; Mr Chilli will probably have a bacon roll using some bacon from the freezer one of the weekend days

Lunches – I normally have soup at work with homemade bread, and already have five portions of lentil, carrot and ginger soup in the freezer, along with some sliced homemade bread. Mr Chilli usually takes ham or tuna sandwiches made with bought bread (he’s not a fan of homemade for sandwiches).

Snacks – I take an apple and banana into work every day; Mr Chilli likes orange juice or tinned fruit (as he’s got an allergy to most fresh/uncooked fruit), crisps and biscuits (home baking if I’ve made any, value ones otherwise!). The eight bottles of cola are to do him (I only drink water) for the next couple of weeks and we’ve saved so much since ‘downshifting’ from branded Coca Cola, which costs £10-15 for eight bottles.

Dinners (days sometimes end up changing). I have loads of potatoes that are starting to go sprouty, which is why they feature so heavily this week – we usually rarely eat them.

Sun 17 – tandoori chicken breasts (cut off the whole chicken- the legs, wings and rest of the carcass have been frozen) with green beans and salad – Mr Chilli had chips too

Mon 18 – mushroom stroganoff with sautéed potatoes and green beans

Tues 19 – Spanish vegetable stew with garlic mash

Wed 20 – Jamie’s quick lamb tagine with couscous and salad

Thurs 21 – Vegetable chilli with mini baked potatoes and maybe salad (we have loads to use this week)

Fri 22 – Leftover lasagne (from the freezer) with garlic bread for Mr Chilli – I have to work late so will make up some pasta salad or a sandwich to take with me

Sat 23 – Halloumi and vegetable kebabs with rice salad and green salad


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